Valve reveals SSD bandwidth change on some Steam Deck models

Don't worry too much.

Steam Deck
Image via Valve

Valve recently revealed a change to the SSD bandwidth on some Steam Deck models, but fans don’t need to worry about a significant difference in performance. 

The Steam Deck is an excellent way to enjoy thousands of titles, ranging from AAA games to indie favorites. The system is more than capable of running most games and thousands of fans are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to grab their own console. A new hardware change might seem like Valve impeded the performance of some models, but it shouldn’t affect most games. 

As reported by Toms Hardware and Hardware Luxx, the new spec change to the Steam Deck’s SSD introduces two drive configurations instead one. This change could potentially cut SSD bandwidth in half for some Steam Deck Deck models, and the PCIe Gen 3 NVMe drives “built into the higher end models will now come with access to either four PCIe lanes (x4) or two lanes (x2).” Customers will not know which version they’ll receive, but Valve assures the change will not affect game performance. 

The change will only impact the higher-end Steam Decks since the 64GB model will retain its original specs. The reason for the change was not provided, but players won’t have to worry about most games being affected. 

The Steam Deck is still an excellent option for players looking to enjoy popular titles on the go or those who want to enjoy Steam games without a PC. You’ll still need to reserve a device and won’t receive one until the end of the year, but don’t let this hardware change deter you from purchasing the Steam Deck.