Valve launches quick way for users to see if their library is compatible with Steam Deck

See if your favorite games are ready to play on the new handheld device.

steam deck best games
Image via Valve

Valve’s Steam Deck is almost here and, ahead of its launch on Friday, a new Steam page has been launched for users to find out which of their already-owned games will work best on the new handheld gaming device.

On this new hub, Steam users simply log into their account and a list will be created showcasing the compatibility rating between each game and the Steam Deck’s hardware.

Services like this have been available previously using third-party sites, but now you can do so without worry as you’ll simply need to navigate to Valve’s official website.

Valve also explained to users in a forum post that just because a game hasn’t yet been tested on the device and therefore won’t show up with a rating on the page doesn’t mean that it won’t function currently with the handheld.

Each game is on a case-to-case basis and more will likely be tested and rated each day both in the leadup and following the launch of the device.

Fortunately, there are a ton of games that have been approved as compatible with the Steam Deck on launch. You can check out some of these games listed here. There is said to be around 400 ready to go when the device launches.

If you’re lucky enough to be a purchaser receiving their device on Friday then you’ll want to make sure you can play your favorite games when it comes. Use the new compatibility page here to see for yourself.