Valve is ‘ramping up’ Steam Deck shipments

Valve seemingly makes good on past promises.

Screengrab via Valve

The Steam Deck shipped in February for first-round reservation holders, but for many others, the wait has been a bit longer. That should change, though, since Valve announced it would be “ramping up” Steam Deck shipments, making good on some previous statements.

Today, Valve sent out its first batch of order emails to those with Q2 reservations, but it also revealed that it would likely be sending many more in the coming weeks. The Steam Deck maker said it would be sending out availability emails once a week, if not more. Valve did temper expectations as to how many times a week emails might go out. The company drew the line at sending out emails up to twice a week.

Along with the prospective biweekly emails, Valve also adjusted some dates on its reservation page to make to paint a clearer picture for potential buyers. Now, instead of just listing the ship window in quarter form, Valve shows the specific months the quarters are referencing. Those with a Q3 2022 reservation can expect a Steam Deck in October or later, according to the Steam Deck page. It isn’t a groundbreaking change in terms of transparency, but it may save people a Google or two.

Valve “ramping up” shipments tracks with available information. In a previous interview with IGN, Valve designer Lawrence Yang outlined production goals for the Steam Deck. Yang said the company expected production to hit “hundreds of thousands” of units in the coming months, which is consistent with the increase in availability emails. Beyond dealing with supply chain woes, Yang also disclosed that the company would be making its release window information more granular, which is somewhat on display with the new level of specificity accompanying the quarter ship windows.

The Steam Deck launched Feb. 25 and received a widely positive response. Since launch, Valve has increased the amount of Verified and Playable games to double that of its initial launch library. Valve is continuing to review and verify the Steam catalog on a rolling, day-by-day basis. By the time those Q3 2022 reservation emails go out, later adopters will have access to plenty more Verified and Playable titles.