Thermaltake’s new PC case gets animated with built-in LCD display

For the GIFs.

Screengrab via Thermaltake

Originally shown off during its CES 2022 livestream event, Thermaltake has given the Divider 550 TG Ultra ATX Mid Tower a full reveal. Aside from one core feature, Thermaltake’s newest case is a fairly standard, if not flexible ATX mid-tower case.

The case’s most notable feature is its front-facing LCD display that can monitor the PC’s CPU, RAM, and load up some GIFs for fun. Thermaltake embedded a 3.9-inch LCD display into the forehead of this case. While it can be useful to monitor the rig’s health and interact with cooling components, it also provides some freedom of expression through the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software, allowing the user to customize and load up GIFs. It’s a good call to provide some fun aside from just the practical purpose of the screen. Overall, it’s a neat feature that Thermaltake really doubles down on in terms of being the main selling point of the Divider 550 TG case.

Image via Thermaltake

Aside from the flashy LCD display, the Divider 550 TG ships with three 120-millimeter ARGB fans, customizable with the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software. These fans can work in tandem with the LCD display, through motherboard software from Asus, MSI, or ASRock, or via the RGB button on the front I/O panel. The button can be used to cycle through 27 different lighting modes and can turn the lights on and off. Combined with the LCD display, the Divider 550 TG has a distinct appearance for a mass-produced case that’s typically reserved for enthusiasts.

In terms of connectivity, the Divider 550 TG offers two USB 3.0 and one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C ports on the front panel as well as an audio output and one input. The case’s flexibility extends further by including adjustable PCIe slots for vertical or horizontal GPU mounting, which is additionally supported by a riser bracket.

Image via Thermaltake

For cooling, the case is also fairly modifiable, allowing for a variety of coolers. The case can accommodate a 120-millimeter AIO at the rear, up to a 280-millimeter at the top, and up to a 360-millimeter AIO mounted up front. This gives users plenty of wiggle room in cooling the three-panel tempered glass case.

Thermaltake has not provided an official launch date or price point. But given how filled out the product page is following its initial reveal alongside CES 2022, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait before the Divider 550 TG case begins shipping.