The workhorse of gaming keyboards: Logitech G915 Lightspeed keyboard review

Logitech does it once again but with an innovation premium.

Image via Logitech

Logitech has had an exceptional year. From the inclusion of hot-swappable PCBs in the Pro X keyboard to the earsplitting Pro X headset, the company has clearly been pushing the envelope. The G915 Lightspeed keyboard is one of the latest wireless offerings from Logitech and, as usual, it delivers a solid and innovative product that may come with a barrier to entry for some. 

Starting with the overall look and size, users will definitely notice that this is a low-profile keyboard that takes up a surprisingly large amount of space. While the G915 is extremely thin at just 22mm high, it’s still a full-sized keyboard with an extra column of keys on the left-hand side. Depending on what type of gamer you are, this could be a pro or a con, so it won’t be listed as either in our final breakdown. Size should be noted when thinking about if the G915 is right for you, though, since it has a large footprint on any desk. 

Since the G915 is a low-profile board, the inclusion of two-layered adjustable feet is appreciated. Having some room for adjustment should be the norm for every keyboard on the market but the feet here help to ensure that the user has a comfortable experience. As a matter of fact, this might actually be one of the most comfortable keyboards we’ve ever used. Since it’s a slimmer board, the G915 allows for the user to have a more comfortable typing and gaming experience. 

Image via Logitech

Users will find that it’s easy to keep elbows bent at 90 degrees without ever having to strain their wrists at odd angles or even think of using a wrist wrest. The slimness of the keyboard combined with the adjustable feet makes for a surprisingly comfortable experience in any circumstance. This statement is a bit double-edged when thinking of the target audience—we’ll go into that a bit later in the review when talking about the Bluetooth and wireless connections. 

When looking at the G915 Lightspeed, the sheer amount of buttons is going to stick out. There’s a lot of dedicated buttons here and, in our opinion, that’s great to see on a full-sized keyboard. Media keys, on-the-fly profile switching, and volume control are more than welcome additions. All of these things add to the overall footprint of the keyboard on any given desk, so there’s definitely a bit of a trade-off. We enjoyed the functionality of the board considering we’ve been spending a considerable amount of time with TKL and 60 percent boards as of late. 

The G915 Lightspeed comes in three varieties of low-profile switches: GL Clicky, GL Linear, and GL Tactile. These switches follow the typical color-coding for mechanical switches. The GL Clickys are white, while GL Linears are red, and GL Tactiles are brown. Of the three, we enjoyed the responsiveness of the GL Clicky switches, but the noise may be off-putting to some users and their neighbors. Perhaps our least favored variety was the GL Tactile switch. We tend to be fans of tactile switches but these felt a bit more akin to that of an optical Brown. There’s some mushiness to the GL Tactiles that we couldn’t quite reconcile with during our testing. This is merely a personal preference, though, and doesn’t illustrate one switch as being better than the other. 

Logitech once again proves that “wireless” shouldn’t be a dirty word when it comes to gaming peripherals. The G915, like Logitech’s other wireless offerings, performs just as well as any wired product on the market. It’s great to see wireless improve to the point that it’s impossible to differentiate between wired and wireless. Now if we could just get these premiums down.

Software is, as usual, barely worth mentioning here. The G Hub software can appear convoluted at a glance, but honestly, we’ve spent enough time with it to feel at home. Making and saving profiles is still easy if you know your way around the process. New users will likely be able to get the hang of customizing their profiles within an hour or less. Once a user gets the hang of the G Hub software, it just becomes a matter of pressing one of the dedicated onboard buttons to switch profiles on the fly. 

Image via Logitech

Users will also notice that there are dedicated buttons for wireless and Bluetooth connections. The inclusion of these two buttons makes it ridiculously easy to set up and switch between devices. This is a literal “with the push of a button” scenario. Logitech made it easy to pair up and swap between devices and the seamlessness connectivity is appreciated. As we recently said in our review of the HyperX Cloud MIX headset, attempting to game with any peripheral on a Bluetooth connection is a fool’s errand—and the same goes for the G915 Lightspeed. 

But this is where things get a bit dicey. The G915 is a part of Logitech’s gaming lineup, but the inclusion of a Bluetooth connection must add to the price and the G915’s price point isn’t one of its selling points. Coming in at about $249.99 depending on where you look, the G915 presents a large barrier to entry. Sure, this is a top-of-the-line product, but it has certain features that an everyday gamer might not need or necessarily want. As someone who lives and breathes competitive gaming, we can value this board as a workhorse and a more than capable gaming keyboard. For someone who’s looking for a solid gaming keyboard, the added bells and whistles may seem unnecessary. 

Logitech does offer a wired version of the G915 in the G815, but that only grants a $50 reduction. As usual, it’s hard not to want to indulge in the newest Logitech offering. It looks good, performs exceptionally well, and has proven to be a solid addition to our desks. Logitech can easily justify their prices due to the fact that the company tends to lead the way when it comes to innovations within the market. Ultimately, the price point will lock a lot of potential users out, however. 

Some final standout features to note are the ridiculous battery, oil-resistant keycaps, and great RGB Lighting that are standard practice with any Logitech G product. We’ve gamed and worked heavily on one charge for a week. There’s been no dip in performance despite running the battery to the bone. Charging doesn’t take nearly as long as one would think, either. The keycaps on the G915 are coated with a material that repels oils, so while the keycaps are inherently shiny on the G915, they don’t shine beyond their intended threshold. And the G915 continues the tradition of strong RGB lighting and control with the G Hub software. 

The bottom line is that the G915 Lightspeed is another strong wireless offering from Logitech. With a sleek and slim design, the G915 looks good on any desk, albeit while taking up a large amount of space. All the bells and whistles aboard the G915 Lightspeed help to justify a rather steep $249.99 price tag, but that still doesn’t mean that this keyboard is for everyone. Some users who want the best of both work and play will find added value, but others may get little to no use out of a few features. 


  • The ultra-slim design is a winner.
  • Great low profile switches to choose from.
  • Dedicated media keys.
  • Dedicated profile keys.
  • Two levels of adjustable feet.
  • Outrageously comfortable for gaming and everyday use.
  • Fantastic battery life.


  • Price presents a large barrier to entry. 
  • Some features may not be for everyone.

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