The RESPAWN Specter is an affordable, subtle alternative in the world of high-quality gaming chairs

A high-quality build for a budget price.

Image via Respawn Products

In the ever-muddying world of “gaming chairs,” prices are going up and the colors and designs seem to be getting gaudier. But there’s a reason for hope.

The impact of a quality-made chair for those of us who both work and play at a desk for eight-plus hours a day can’t be understated. Making the jump from a basic office chair to something like the RESPAWN Specter could have a big impact on day-to-day activity.

The best feature of the Specter is its lumbar support, which forces better posture while gaming or working. The days of slouching are over in this chair, which focuses on lower back support, something that many gamers are lacking.

The lumbar support can also be seen as a bit of a negative at times when you want to slouch and relax a little bit while gaming. But in the end, the forced improvement to posture will help anybody out in the long run.

The seat and back are made of a flexible, high-quality mesh, which makes the Specter extremely breathable for long sessions of gaming or working. The material isn’t all that comfortable on bare skin, however, so underwear gaming isn’t suggested.

The chair’s arms are “3D,” meaning they can be moved forward and backward, up and down, and side to side. This is helpful to customize the chair depending on whatever your current gaming situation may be.

If you’re sitting back and using a controller, maybe you want the arms pulled back. But if you’re up close to your monitor and gaming on mouse and keyboard, then you’ll likely push them forward. Or maybe you don’t want to lean at that moment, so you can push them downward. It’s up to you, and I often find myself adjusting the arms constantly as I shift from casual gamer to pissed off sweaty gamer mode.

The Specter has a headrest, but after over a week of usage, I didn’t find myself using it much at all other than to lean back and stretch every now and then.

Elsewhere, the chair performs as you would expect. It has tilt controls, adjustable height, and a strong base that slides with ease on flat surfaces.

If you want to recline in the Specter, you can, but it’s not the most comfortable scenario and you won’t be enjoying too many naps in it. Make no mistake—this is a gaming chair, but it’s also all business.

The Specter is a breath of fresh air, not only for its strong and sleek design but its incredibly fair price point of $299. It’s a chair that performs as good as most will need for a more affordable price than many other companies offer in the same field.

If you’re looking for a quality gaming chair that doesn’t look like it belongs in a rocket ship or cost a month’s salary, then the Specter is a solid bet.

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