The PS5 is Sony’s “biggest console launch ever,” more inventory coming to retailers “before the end of the year”

The new console refuses to stay in stock.

Image via Sony

The PlayStation 5 is already a massive success. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 is its biggest console launch ever just two weeks after launch.

If you’re one of countless gamers who hasn’t been able to secure a purchase of the new console, you might feel a bit differently. But Sony confirmed what everyone who’s tried and failed to buy one already knows—the PS5 can barely stay in stock.

Detailed sales figures weren’t revealed by Sony, but back in 2013, PlayStation said it sold 2.1 million PS4 units in just over two weeks.

Given the high success of its previous consoles, namely the PS2 and PS4, the numbers for the PS5 must be staggering. The company ended up selling over 155 million PS2 consoles in its lifespan and over 113 million PS4s.

While some of the blame for the PS5 being out of stock definitely can be put on re-sellers using bots to buy them out, the popularity of the console can’t be denied.

Many people have turned to gaming in 2020 and the PS5 is a hot new commodity. When word gets out that a website has it in stock, it’s often sold out in just minutes.

For the time being, it looks like retailer watch will continue before the PS5 is able to stay in stock long enough for everyone to procure one.