The Nintendo Switch will officially launch in Brazil “soon”

Nintendo stopped officially selling its products in the country in 2015.

Photo via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch console will officially be launched in Brazil, Nintendo announced today. The company didn’t give a specific date but said it’ll “be coming soon to Brazil.”

Despite being popular in the country, those interested in buying a Switch or any of its games have been forced to import them from third-party sellers. With Nintendo officially seeling the console in Brazil, though, prices should lower at least a little.

Nintendo stopped officially selling consoles and physical games in Brazil in 2015 due to high taxes to import the products. Because of that, Nintendo merchandise has an unbelievably high price in the country.

At time of writing, the Nintendo Switch is priced at around R$4,200, which corresponds to approximately $765. The official American site sells the console for $299.99, so Brazilians pay more than double the original price to import it.

Last year in July, a group of Brazilian game developers and content creators joined forces to make their own Nintendo Direct and catch the company’s attention. They launched the #WeWantNintendo to demonstrate the country’s interest in Nintendo products.