The Nintendo Switch successor is planned–but very far away

It's officially coming out in 20XX.

Image via Nintendo

The latest corporate briefing slides from Nintendo hints at a potential successor to the Nintendo Switch–but it’s still very far away.

In a presentation of Nintendo’s corporate management policy briefing for the year, a slide detailing the future outlook of the Nintendo consoles and its associated services placed a question mark in the timeline after the Switch. The estimated year is 20XX, so there’s a tiny bit of leeway taken with the release date.

A previous report from Nintendo’s investor Q&A in May 2020 stated that the current Switch console, released in 2017, was “barely in the middle” of its cycle. An approximate lifespan of six years places the potential upcoming console in 2023, in line with previous generations such as the Wii U in in 2012 and Wii in 2006.

The upcoming console will also follow its predecessors with its “unique hardware-software” model. It’s no surprise, considering the Wii and Switch’s resounding success thus far.

The Wii remains Nintendo’s best-selling home console with 101.63 million units sold. The Switch continues to soar in sales, bolstered by surprise blockbuster hits like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, unimpeded by the COVID-19 pandemic.