The Nintendo Switch is close to outselling the PS4 in Japan

It won't be long now.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Nintendo has now sold more than eight million Switch consoles in Japan, according to recently released game figures for April 15 to 21.

The Switch sold over 40,000 units this past week to just push it past the eight million mark at 8,000,058 total units sold since its release in 2017. With its latest sales figures, the Switch is just two weeks away from overtaking the PS4’s lifetime sales, which is currently at 8,033,587.

The PS4 only managed to shift just over 10,000 units the past week due to a slowdown of big AAA title releases. The Switch, therefore, should be in prime position to become the biggest home console currently on the market with big titles like Super Mario Maker 2 on the horizon.

It still is a way off catching the 3DS’s lifetime sales in Japan though, as the handheld device has sold over 24 million units.

The announcement follows initial reports that a cheaper, more handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch is likely to be released this June. This means we could likely see the console revealed at E3 and released a few weeks later.

A modest upgraded version of the Switch, which would improve on the current console on offer by offering more power to the system, is also reportedly expected to release by the end of the year.