New Xbox Series X controller has a lot of minor improvements

It's familiar, but refined.

Image via Xbox

Xbox has revealed a close look at the Series X’s new controller via a Q&A on the Xbox website and it’ll be very familiar to fans of the Xbox One controller.

It looks and operates largely in the same way that the Xbox One controller does, but with a bunch of minor improvements to help better the user experience.

Image via Xbox
Image via Xbox

The new controller is built to accommodate smaller hands, for one, which was a big complaint about the Xbox One X’s controller. One of the main ideas behind the controller was to be more inclusive. This one is built to fit the hands of an average eight-year-old without negatively affecting players with larger hands.

It features a new D-pad, which is for “boosting performance and accessibility for all the ways people play.” It’s more of a hybrid D-pad to replace the swappable pads of the Elite controllers.

Outside of physical differences, the controller features reduced latency, including “a system-wide set of improvements we call Dynamic Latency Input, which includes specific technology in the console and the HDMI connection to your TV.”

The triggers and bumpers now feature a tactile dot pattern to provide a better grip and to improve feel during gameplay. The D-pad, bumpers, and triggers all now have a matte finish as well. A share button in the middle of the controller will help share content quickly, too.

The Xbox Series X and its controller are scheduled to release this holiday season.