The difference between Razer Zephyr’s and Zephyr Pro masks

What makes the Razer Zephyr Pro so special?

Razer Zephyr vs. Razer Zephyr Pro
Image via Razer

Razer’s line of Zephyr facemasks has gained a new addition with the Razer Zephyr Pro. Although each mask is similar in features, the Zephyr Pro has some additions worth the extra price.

Both the Zephyr and the Zephyr Pro share the same design aesthetics. That includes the three air chambers, two filtration fans, and Razer Chroma illumination inside and outside the mask through LEDs. They will also share the same three-day N-95 filters and have optional starter packs with 33 sets of filters.

Image via Razer

The difference between the two masks is the Zephyr Pro’s voice amplification. Originally part of the Project Hazel concept, the voice amplifier will boost the wearer’s voice so that others can hear them more clearly. Although both masks are essentially the same visually, the voice amplifier is the cause of the increased cost.

Pricing for the Zephyr starts at $99 for the standalone mask or $149.99 for the starter pack that includes the filter set. Zephyr Pro will cost $50 more, starting at $149.99 for the mask or $200 for the starter pack.