The best white gaming desks of 2022

These are some of the best options in the limited range of white gaming desks.

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As RGB computer peripherals continue to become more popular, gamers have become more specific about all aspects of their gaming setup.

One of the major parts of any gaming setup is going to be the desk. This will be used every time the player chooses to game and can make or break the aesthetic they are trying to achieve.

While there are many fantastic gaming desks on the market, most of these are only available in black since that is the most popular color and will complement the majority of gamers’ desired look. Other gamers may choose to get a white desk they feel will be more appropriate for their setup. There are few white gaming desks on the market, however, so we have compiled some of the top picks for gamers of all levels.

Best overall white gaming desk

ApexDesk Elite

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Coming in at a mid-range price point, ApexDesk’s Elite is the perfect desk for gamers. This product is available in both black and white and offers many features that assist the user in cable management and versatility.

The Elite’s main selling feature is its sit/stand adjustability. The product boasts an electric height adjustment system that will allow the user to raise the desk between 2.41 to four feet. The desk itself is constructed using high-quality material to ensure it is durable. The desktop is very spacious, allowing the gamer to put a range of devices on top, including multiple monitors and their PC. The top includes two cutouts that can be utilized to run cables through on either side of the desk neatly. With all the features this desk provides at its reasonable price, the ApexDesk Elite is the best white gaming desk on the market.

Best high-end white gaming desk

EvoDesk Gaming Desk

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If budget is not a concern, EvoDesk offers a completely customizable gaming desk option. This product at its base is similar to the ApexDesk Elite, offering electric height adjustment, a large top, and an included cable management tray. For gamers who have money to burn, the desk can be upgraded four more times to the Level 4: Ultimate model that includes a quad-monitor arm system, an integrated sound system, and a unique L-shaped desktop with the trademarked Ergo Edge.

Depending on the price point, this desk offers some of the best features of any desk on the market. And since it is made to order, it can be acquired in a range of finishes, including white.

Best budget-friendly white gaming desk

AKRacing Sierra

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For gamers who are trying to save some money but would like a high-quality product to suit their setup, AKRacing has put together their Sierra Gaming Desk. This product boasts a sleek, sturdy design with a steel frame and powder-coated MDF surface.

The desk also includes a cable management system to assist in keeping the cables tidy. For headphones users, the desk includes a hook that the headphones or headset can be hung off, keeping them off the top while always being easily accessible. The desk can fit up to three monitors. For its price, this is a practical and budget-friendly white gaming desk.

Best value white gaming desk

NTENSE Xtreme Gaming Riser

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If you’re after something you can find in-store or something that isn’t going to break the bank, the Ntense Xtreme Gaming Riser might be what you’re after. This two-level gaming desk can be found both in-store and online at Target and offers quite a bit of space for its modest price tag.

Alongside the monitor riser, there are few more handy features, such as a cupholder, headphones rest, and a pair of USB ports that can charge devices. Beneath the riser is an LED strip that will add some color to your gaming setup. While it may not be the biggest desk, the use of a riser means there is plenty of space for even the busiest gaming setups on the Ntense Xtreme.

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