The best travel cases for PS4

Protect your PS4 on the go.

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The PlayStation 4 has been around since 2013 and remains a popular choice among gamers. While it can’t match with the PlayStation 5’s performance, its lower price and massive game library make it a practical choice for buyers.

PlayStation 4 owners wanting to store their console safely or take it on the road with them should get a travel case. Travel cases are made from hard plastic or nylon and protect the console and accessories, like headsets and controllers, from damage. They are also easy to carry with handles or shoulder straps.

Here are the best travel cases for the PS4.

Best protective travel case for PlayStation 4

Casematix Travel Case 

Image via Casematix

The Casematix Travel Case offers some of the best protection possible for the PlayStation 4. Instead of a soft-touch case, like most of its rivals, the Casematix Travel Case is made from hard plastic, making it difficult to damage.

One of the main reasons to get this case is its solid construction. Its exterior is made from thick, impact-resistant plastic to protect the console from bumps or drops. Users also get two clips to keep the case closed and an integrated handle for convenient carry.

Casematix’s durable case is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. The interior of the Travel Case has foam cutouts on the bottom to provide extra padding and prevent the console and its accessories from scratching or damaging each other. There’s more padding on the top of the case to provide a tight fit and stop the console from moving around. 

While the Travel Case offers secure protection, it has a couple of drawbacks. It’s only compatible with the PS4 Slim consoles and doesn’t fit earlier models. The hard plastic shell can also be heavy, and buyers are forced to use the handle because there are no shoulder straps. Otherwise, the Travel Case is a durable choice and comes in at a reasonable price point.

Best slimline travel case for PlayStation 4

USA Gear S13 Blue

Image via USA Gear

USA Gear’s S13 Blue has a softer exterior and is compatible with more consoles than the Travel Bag listed below. Instead of hard plastic, it’s made from ripstop nylon. It’s also compatible with all PlayStation 3 and 4 models. 

While it’s not as tough as the Travel Case, the S13 Blue offers enough space for the PS4 and accessories. The console fits into the bag’s lower part and is fastened in place with a single velcro strap. Accessories, like the controllers, headset, and cables, fit into compartments on the top of the bag. 

One of the nifty features is the removable dividers that allow users to create custom compartments. Users can change the shape of the compartments to make them bigger or smaller, depending on what they’re carrying. If a user wants to add a second controller, they can just add another compartment to keep it separate so that it doesn’t get damaged.

The S13 Blue is around the same price as the Travel Case, but it offers less protection due to its soft exterior. On the other hand, it’s easier to carry because of its lighter weight and adjustable shoulder strap. 

Best high-capacity travel case for PlayStation 4

Trunab Gaming Console Travel Bag 

Image by Trunab via Amazon

The Trunab Console Travel Bag is bigger than the previous entries and offers more space for consoles and accessories. Thanks to its massive amounts of space, the Trunab bag is compatible with most consoles, including the PlayStation 4 and 5 and the Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Being compatible with so many systems makes this bag versatile and saves users from buying a replacement when they upgrade their console.

One of the most appealing features of the Trunab bag is its storage capacity. Its main storage compartment measures 12 by 7.5 by 7.9 inches (304 by190 by 200 millimeters), so it can fit most consoles. There are also two storage pockets on either side and one on the front. The lid and front pocket also have smaller zipper compartments for additional storage space. 

Like the S13 Blue, the Trunab bag is made from nylon. It’s also got an adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle. The interior has a velvet lining to protect the console and accessories from scratches and scuffs. 

While the Trunab bag offers a similar protection level as the S13 Blue, it’s much bulkier. The extra space is worth it for users with many games and accessories. Users who don’t require so much space may be better off with a smaller alternative, like the S13 Blue.

Best backpack travel case for PlayStation 4

BUBM Waterproof Game backpack 

Image by BUBM via Amazon

While shoulder straps and carry handles are enough for some users, others prefer the hands-free design of a backpack. BUBM’s Waterproof Game backpack makes it easier for users to transport other luggage because their PS4 and other equipment are out of the way on their back. 

The BUBM backpack has a clamshell design with separate compartments for the console and accessories. The console sits on the bottom of the case in a scratch-resistant sleeve with a velcro strap to hold it in place. Like the S13 Blue, there are customizable dividers for the cables, controllers, and other accessories to stop them from coming into contact with each other and getting scratches. There are also two zipper compartments on the front of the bag to store smaller items like keys, wallets, and cellphones. 

Another area where the BUBM backpack mimics the S13 Blue is its construction. BUBM’s backpack is made from nylon with a scratch-resistant interior. There’s also a convenient carry handle for users who don’t want to carry it as a backpack.

Best budget travel case for PlayStation 4

Maige PS4 Bag Travel Carry Case

Image by Maige via Amazon

The Maige PS4 Bag Travel Carry Case has similar characteristics to the S13 Blue, but it comes in at a more affordable price point. Despite being the most reasonably priced option on this list, the Maige bag has ample storage space and offers enough protection for the PS4.

This case matches the design of the S13 Blue with a similar shape and compartment style. The bottom is for the console and has a velcro strap for a firm hold. There’s a divider in the middle to prevent scratches, and the top has customizable dividers to make larger or smaller compartments, depending on how many accessories are carried. 

Like many cases on this list, the Maige PS4 bag is made from nylon. While Maige claims there is a degree of waterproofing, it’s better to keep the case dry and away from moisture when the console is inside. The interior has a felt lining to prevent scratches to the console and accessories. 

Maige’s PS4 Bag punches above its weight when it comes to value. It matches the space and features of more expensive cases, like the S13 Blue, while costing far less. One of the ways the Maige PS4 bag keeps its price down is with a generic look that might not be to everyone’s tastes.

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