The best retailers for buying, or preordering, a PS5

After a PS5? Here's the best places to snag one.

Image via Sony
Image via Sony

Sony’s Playstation 5, after a more than a year out on the market, is still suffering from extreme shortages. Between all of the gamers trying to get their hands on the “new” hardware and the scalpers trying to make quick buck, finding a PS5 that isn’t marked up 200% MSRP isn’t an easy task, to say the least. The sheer demand combined with the current silicon shortage just means that bots will be hunting for PS5’s wherever they can.

The following retailers have fairly consistent restocks, so they’re your best bet for snagging a PS5. We here at Dot Esports do not condone buying from scalpers, as it only encourages their practices further. Save your cash and be patient!


Target’s Playstation 5 listings are currently only available for contact-less order pickup, limited to one per guest. If you don’t mind driving out to get our PS5 in person, Target might be the way to go. The company has fairly consistent restocks, and does take some measures to work around bots buying out all of their inventory, so if you manage to visit their site when a restock is underway, your odds of landing a PS5 aren’t too shabby.


Walmart shares a similar restock pattern to Target in that they have PS5’s often enough to warrant checking every day if you’re actively looking for a Playstation 5. The company doesn’t have the same in-person pickup policy that Target has, though, so your chances of snagging some hardware during a restock are much lower here.


Its obvious to anyone who’s used the service before, but Amazon is ridden with scalpers. The service is the most used online retailer in the world, and by a huge margin. This makes it a prime target for bots who are looking for active places to cash in on PS5 restocks, no pun intended.


Newegg is extremely inconsistent with their restock efforts and aren’t necessarily worth checking out every day if you need a PS5. That said, they are a major retailer that might have restocks sometime in the future, so keep an eye on any news regarding their site and restocks. For the most part, all you’ll find here are scalper prices and PS5 accessories.

PlayStation Direct

When shopping, it doesn’t hurt to go straight to the source. This holiday season saw Sony introduce a reservation option for purchasing PS5’s straight from them. By signing in with your existing PSN ID on their website, you can register for a chance to be selected for PS5 purchase eligibility.

Eligibility is granted based on previous PlayStation activity and interest associated with your account.


The oldschool video game retailer is, indeed, still kickin’, and they have PS5 restocks semi-consistently. You won’t find Playstation 5s here as often as you will at Playstation Direct or Walmart, but Gamestop is still a company worth keeping tabs on if you need a PS5 ASAP.

Best Buy

Another consistent re-stocker, Best Buy has consistently had PS5 restocks about twice every month up until recently. This change in frequency is likely due to Christmas’s increased spike in demand for the gaming system. That said, Best Buy is still one of the smartest retailers to frequent if getting a PS5 within the next few weeks is a must.