The best pink gaming chairs

Here are some of the top gaming chair designs that also come in pink.

Screengrab via Secretlab

Pink chairs are so popular that many companies that produce and sell them run out of pink gaming chairs almost instantly. Black and gray seem to dominate the color schemes for much gaming hardware and setup gear, so why wouldn’t you want a pink gaming chair? A pink gaming chair complements any pink-themed battlestation with a pop of pink and some serious comfort. 

Here are the best pink gaming chairs on the market.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

Image via Secretlab

Currently available for preorders at the time of writing this article, Secretlabs’ newest chair won’t ship until around Sept. 1. Sizes include small, regular, and XL. Secretlab’s breathable SoftWeave Plus fabric covers the entirety of the chair’s surface, minus the armrests. Everything on this chair, like the armrest height and recline angle, is adjustable and customizable. 

Plush pink is the name of this beautifully soft hue. Two different shades of pink are featured: a lighter pink that stretches the length of the backrest and a slightly darker pink that flares out on the seat’s bolsters. The armrests, stand, legs, and wheels are still black, so you can still match this with the rest of your non-pink gear. The Titan’s only downfall is its premium price.

Ohaho 501 Series

Image via Ohaho

This chair includes a USB electric massaging lumbar cushion and a retractable footrest in all its pink and white glory. A removable pink head cushion also comes with this heavy-duty chair. Ohaho prides itself on ergonomic chair designs that aren’t just comfortable for gaming but also for working. Its padding is made of PU leather and high-density sponge. 

For a budget to mid-range price, this pretty chair has valuable features. But some users complain that the assembly process is difficult and tedious.

Techni Sport 43 Pink ProGamer2

Image by Techni Sport via Amazon

OK, this chair is mostly black, but you can’t miss the bubblegum accents. 

A memory foam seat and the ability to recline 150 degrees back make this chair comfortable enough to sit in for hours. Seat height, armrests, and tilt are all adjustable, and the chair comes with lumbar and neck pillows. With a frame made of steel, Techni Sport claims this is the only gaming chair you’ll ever need and backs it with a lifetime guarantee. 

However, the chair only supports up to 250 pounds, and the price point comes in above $300. The Pink ProGamer2 loses some points for not being pink all around and still costing the same as a boring old office chair.

DXRacer Pink Paw Print Gaming Chair

Image via DXRacer

This particular chair made in our list for 2020, and it fits right in with our list for 2021. DXRacer was the first to revolutionize the gaming chair industry when it released its initial DXRacer chair design in 2006. Inspired by race car seats, the DXRacer Pink Paw Print Gaming Chair offers a stylish, supportive experience with highly customizable armrests, chair height, and recline angle. Every DXRacer chair also comes with adjustable neck and back pillows.

The design of this chair has since spawned dozens of knockoffs from a variety of different companies, many of which are either cheaper than the original or offer unique features. But for those who want to experience the original racing-style gaming chair from a company they can trust, the Pink Paw Print chair is a sure-fire bet. The only real downside to this chair is that it is on the pricier end of the market.

Killabee Von Racer 8280

Killabee Von Racer pink
Image by Killabee via Amazon

Black, white, and most importantly, pink, the Von Racer 8280 offers a standard ergonomic design, massage lumbar support, a retractable padded footrest, and a thickly padded bucket seat. The steel frame falls into the heavy-duty category like the rest of the chairs on this list. 

What makes the Von Racer 8280 special is the price. Killabee offers this chair below $150, making it the cheapest option on our list. 

The only catch is that this chair is most suitable for smaller adults and children. Some users have experienced quicker wear and tear due to the lower weight limit. 

AutoFull Bunny Chair

Image by AutoFull via Amazon

If you want to make your battlestation as cute and pink as possible, we recommend the AutoFull in pink, otherwise known as Autofull’s Bunny Chair. Nearly the entire chair is pink, minus some white accents. But it isn’t just attractive because of the color. Fluffy, white bunny ears come as a removable headband on the round headrest, along with a sickeningly cute fluffball that sits on the back of the seat like a little tail. You don’t just get to look at these fluffy additions; you get to feel them on the fuzzy armrests. 

This gaming chair’s seat is made of memory foam, and the chair offers the same basic adjustability as the other chairs on our list. But cute comes at a cost. Depending on where you buy, this chair goes for just below or just above $300. 

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