The best gaming chairs

Back pain not included.

best gaming chairs
Photo via Respawn

Having a poor gaming chair can absolutely do a number on your back after a long enough session. So to save yourself years of discomfort, here’s some of the best gaming chairs the market has to offer, from the budget friendly to the most expensive.

Best budget gaming chairs

These gaming chairs strip down on the bells and whistles that make other chairs more expensive in favor of keeping costs down. While they miss some of the more nuanced features other, more popular chairs boast, these chairs still retain that gaming aesthetic while functioning as quality chairs for gaming sessions. Their lumbar support protects your back as well as your wallet.

Homall Racing Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs
Image via Homall

The Homall brand is known for their budget-friendly gaming chairs, and this version supports a white and black finish on faux (PU) leather. Complete with an adjustable back rest, variable height, and two lumbar support cushions, this Homall chair has everything a player needs to support their gaming sessions comfortably.

This chair has a max capacity of 300 pounds, 360 degree swivel, and an adjustable height capped at 21.5inches

Dualthunder Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs
Image via Dualthunder

The Dualthunder gaming chair is great for those on a tight budget who still want a bit of customization. The chairs come in white, brown, red, black, and wine, with a diamond padded design across all of the variants except for white, which keeps things cleaner with a flat finish. All of the chairs are made of faux leather and offer two adjustable lumbar support cushions.

For a heavier gamer, this chair might prove useful, as it supports a max capacity of 400 pounds or 181 kilograms. Additionally, it does have the standard 360 degree swivel one should expect from a gaming chair, alongside a max adjustable height of 21.2 inches.

Polar Aurora gaming chair

best gaming chairs
Image via Polar Aurora

The Polar Aurora gaming chair is about as basic as it gets. It follows many of the same design choices as the Homall line, both in color and structure. It features a white finish on faux leather, two adjustable lumbar supports cushions, and a standard racing chair design.

The maximum weight capacity caps at 300 pounds or 136 kilograms, while supporting a 360 swivel and adjustable height. As stated, this chair is nearly identical in aesthetics and functionality to the Homall gaming chair. The key between deciding between the two is weighing their current prices, which tend to fluctuate quite a bit with price reductions and sales.

Best mid-ranged gaming chairs

For gamers who don’t mind stepping right into the middle of the gaming chair market, the following options will represent the best price to quality ratios available. These chairs have a few more options for design aesthetics, production materials, and sizes that the budget chairs may have lacked. Additionally, these chairs tend to boast more accessories like leg rests and speakers.

Respawn 110 gaming chair

best gaming chairs
Image via Respawn

The 110 gaming chair by Respawn justifies its price in increased comfortably in the form of both its extra padded arm rests and extendable leg rest. The chair comes in a multitude of colors, with white, black, blue, forest camo, purple, grey, pink, red, and green all being offered for slightly altered prices. Thanks to the subtle finish work this chair boasts, which tends to favor darker colors, it can also double as an office chair for those who occasionally game in a professional environment.

This chair features adjustable height, backrest, and can support up to 275 pounds / 125 kilograms.

Downix 6689 gaming chair

best gaming chairs
Image via Downix

Downix’s 6689 gaming chair lineup features a host of high quality mid-range gaming chairs with uniquely professional aesthetics. These chairs are perfect for the gamer who needs a clean aesthetic, but they can also double as office chairs in professional environments, particularly with the black, grey, and brown colors. The 6689 lineup also features red, white, and black / red coloring options.

The 6689 lineup is the first line of chairs on this list that features a massage pillow which connects via USB to provide users with a relaxing, albeit primitive, passive massage for those long work days / gaming sessions. Additionally, the 6689 lineup features extendable legrests, 360 degree swivel, adjustable height and backrest, all built inside faux leather.

anda seaT Dark Demon gaming chair

best gaming chairs
Image via anda seaT

For gamers who really want the traditional look of an office chair with the contemporary aesthetic of a racing gaming chair, the Dark Demon by anda seaT is the perfect hybrid at a mid-ranged price. Its made out of PVC leather with the bottom half designed as a traditional “sunk-in” seat that provides the classic office chair look, while the upper half is a skinnier, taller build to create the racing chair look gamers often search for.

The Dark Demon comes with two adjustable lumbar-supporting pillows, black or red coloring, and adjustable height and backrest. The bells and whistles on this chair are fairly limited, so what you’re paying for is the traditional office chair look and not too much more.

Best high end gaming chairs

These chairs feature unique designs, high quality builds, and all of the extra features that money can buy. That said, they are going to be the most expensive chairs on the list will have diminishing price to quality ratios for those who just need something simple to sit on.

Gtracing gaming recliner

best gaming chairs
Image via Gtracing

For those who want a classic living room chair to game in, the Gtracing presents an attractive option with its extendable leg rest, reclining back rest, and wider design reminiscent of something you’d Chandler Bing in, but gamey-er. This recliner features an integrated massage pillow, speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, and a width of 35 inches, perfect for late night gaming sessions and home-theaters.

What this chair lacks is any degree of swivel or wheels for moving around, which makes it a poor choice for PC gaming, especially for those with multiple monitors on a large desk. Additionally, this chair is made out of faux leather, and since users will likely be lying almost completely flat in it a lot of the time, warmer climates may make this chair un-breathable and uncomfortably hot after a couple hours.

Razer Iskur

Image via Razer
Image via Razer

Razer may be making waves with their PC hardware, but they still produce good peripherals and, as it happens, gaming chairs. The Iskur in particular goes all the way with a traditional office chair look. Complete with black, dark grey, and black / green coloring options, the Iskur is one of the more professional looking gaming chairs on the market, and that’s reflected in its price point.

Razer’s Iskur also derives its price point from the materials its made out of. Instead of the standard faux leather most companies opt for, the Iskur is designed with a soft, breathable woven fabric that makes long gaming / work sessions far more comfortable than on a faux leather chair. That said, the price point doesn’t include any extra bells or whistles. This chair doesn’t feature any adjustable lumbar support, leg rest, or included massage / speaker options.

Herman Miller Embody

Image: Herman Miller

Herman Miller chairs are some of the most expensive — and beloved — for office users. So it’s no surprise that their first foray into gaming, a collaboration with Logitech G, is similarly pricey.

At $1595, the blue-accented Embody is comfortably the most expensive chair on this list. But it’s also the most versatile with its copper-fused foam, adjustable arm height and width, support for multiple sitting positions, and stretchable fabric that’s perfect for hotter months.

As with other Herman Miller products, the Embody comes with a 12 year warranty. It comes in a very office friendly black with with trim, or a more gamer-centric black with Logitech blue (as seen above).