The best Ducky keyboards

Ducky offers one of the most versatile lineups of keyboards available.

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Founded in 2008, Ducky is now one of the leading mechanical keyboard brands. The company makes a range of full-size and compact keyboards geared toward gamers wanting the best performance. 

Ducky makes a wide range of keyboards with similar features and characteristics. Most Ducky keyboards use reliable Cherry MX switches, and some are available with Gateron or Kailh switches. You can choose between the many variants on offer to personalize your experience. Ducky also sells keycaps in different colors to personalize your keyboard in a unique style. 

Other common characteristics of Ducky Keyboards are detachable USB cables and anti-ghosting technology. Detachable cables help make these keyboards travel-ready. The anti-ghosting feature found on many gaming keyboards ensures all the keypresses are registered. Some Ducky keyboards also have RGB lighting to illuminate your keys in the dark and create striking visual effects.

Mechanical switches can make a difference when gaming because there are many to chose from, and each type has a specific feel. Mechanical keys also tend to be durable, with some having lifespans of around 50-million clicks. There are many switch options to suit different tastes. Some of them are silent, and others have a clicking sound. Cherry MX Red switches are popular with gamers because of their quiet function, light feel, and two-millimeter actuation point. 

Here are some of the best Ducky keyboards currently available.

Shine 7

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The Shine 7 is a full-size keyboard that’s design is versatile enough for gaming or office use. It comes in gun-metal gray with black double-shot keycaps. Double-shot keycaps are made from two layers of plastic joined together for added strength and durability. The frame on the Shine 7 is made from zinc alloy, which Ducky claims to be three times stronger than aluminum. A strong frame on a mechanical keyboard means better durability, especially if your keyboard travels with you. 

Being able to choose the switches you prefer is another big plus of the Shine 7. It comes with Cherry MX switches, and you can choose between the Blue, Brown, Red, Black, and Silver variants. Cherry MX switches have a reputation for quality and an expected lifespan of 50-million presses. Ducky also includes additional direction and function keys in bright colors to make the keyboard stand out.

RGB lighting helps counteract the otherwise understated design of the Shine 7. The RGB lighting on the Shine 7 is bright, and you can create up to six profiles using the Ducky RGB or Chroma Connect software. 

Ducky’s Shine 7 keyboard is quite heavy, and there’s no wrist rest. Aside from its weight and lack of wrist rest, it has outstanding performance and should last for years.

One 2 

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The One 2 is another full-size keyboard with bright lighting and a great look. Instead of using a zinc alloy frame, it uses a black plastic frame with a white base. The two-tone design adds contrast and makes it stand out compared to most single-color keyboards. 

Like the Shine 7, the One 2 uses Cherry MX mechanical keys, but buyers can also choose Kailh switches on this model.

The reason this keyboard stands out is the RGB lighting. The RGB lighting is vivid, and you can configure the different modes by holding down the Fn key and pressing the F10 key. You can also adjust the speed by holding down the function key and pressing the left arrow key. The lighting modes include wave, snake, color cycle, and static. 

Mecha Mini

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The Ducky Mecha Mini is a 60 percent keyboard with excellent functionality. It cuts out the arrow keys and number pad to keep the size down and allow more desk space. Gaming functionality isn’t compromised because the WASD cluster and number keys remain unchanged. 

The Mecha lineup has a full aluminum casing compared to the plastic used on the standard One 2 series. Most of the features are similar to the full-size Ducky options, like the detachable USB-Cable and three-level feet. The feet are made from tough zinc alloy, but the rubberized USB cable is disappointing when compared to the overall quality of this keyboard. 

The RGB lighting on the Mecha Mini as vivid as the full-size options, but the advanced configuration settings can be challenging because there’s no compatible software. 

Like most of the keyboards in the Ducky range, you can choose whichever Cherry MX switches you prefer.

Ducky One 2 SF

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The Ducky One 2 SF uses a 65 percent design instead of the 60 percent style found on other models like the Mecha Mini and One 2 Mini Pure White. It’s still compact, but it adds the arrow key cluster and navigation keys. An advantage of a 65 percent keyboard is that you still get the compact size to save space, but you also get the convenience of the arrow keys.

The Ducky One 2 SF has a two-tone plastic frame with a black top and white bottom. It looks great and makes the keyboard stand out. This keyboard comes with 10 extra keycaps in random colors and an extra spacebar with a Chinese zodiac theme.

Similar to the One 2 Mini Pure White and One 2 TKL, it comes with an extended range of switches, including Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh types. 

One 2 TKL

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The Ducky One 2 TKL looks similar to the One 2 SF but is slightly larger. Having a tenkeyless layout means the One 2 TKL includes the function keys on the top row and navigation keys on the right side. The addition of these keys doesn’t necessarily affect gaming functionality, but they make the keyboard more versatile for office use.

The One 2 TKL shares many other features of the One 2 SF. Some of them include double-shot keycaps and RGB lighting. It’s also available with the same range of Cherry MX, Kailh, and Gateron switches. Other standard features like the detachable USB-C cable and three-level rubberized feet are also present.

At just a few dollars more than the One 2 SF, the One 2 TKL is the better choice if you need the extra keys. If you don’t need the keys, you can save money and space by choosing the One 2 SF.

One 2 Mini Pure White 

Image via Ducky

The One 2 Mini Pure White is a brilliant alternative if you’re tired of regular black keyboards. It uses the same 60 percent design as the Mecha Mini, but it’s cheaper because it has a plastic base instead of an aluminum one.

Ducky’s Pure White edition uses double-shot keycaps like the rest of the Ducky range, but these keycaps look especially great with the RGB enabled. This model’s white keycaps bring out the stunning RGB lighting even more than the standard keycaps. There’s no RGB software, so all the configuration is done on the keyboard itself.

Despite its unique look, the One 2 Mini Pure White keyboard still shares many similarities with the rest of the One 2 line. Like the One 2 SF and TKL, it has one of the larger selections of available switches, including the Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh brands. It also comes with 10 additional keys in random bright colors to spice things up. Other familiar features include a detachable USB-C cable and three-level feet.

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