The 7 best standing PC gaming desks

Improve your posture with a standing gaming desk.

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Standing desks can be a brilliant alternative to conventional desks. With regular desks, you end up sitting for hours at a time, and it can affect your posture and cause neck, wrist, or back pain. Sitting for too long can also slow down your metabolism and contribute to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Standing increases your heart rate and burns more calories than sitting. It can also reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain. Some people also have more focus when they are standing and get more immersed in their games.

The best standing desks have electric height adjustments, so you can raise or lower them as you need to. They should have enough space for your PC, monitors, and peripherals. Many standing gaming desks even have other utilities like headphone hooks and cupholders. We’ve made a list of the best standing PC gaming desks that can easily adjust to your preferences.

Lian-Li DK-04X

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The Lian-Li DK-04 is a phenomenal gaming desk that doubles as a computer case. There’s space under the massive tempered glass top to add all your PC components like the motherboard, PSU, NVMe, and everything else you need for a top-end gaming rig. It also comes with four front and rear 120mm fans and four hard drive trays. 

The build quality is incredible, with sturdy iron legs to support all the weight and a stylish gray aluminum body. The front has buttons to control the fan and RGB lighting. There are also four USB ports, including a USB-C . The tempered glass top is clear to show off the internals, but you can also press a button to darken it if you don’t want to hide everything. One of the best things about this desk is that it’s electronically height-adjustable, so you can use it sitting or standing.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC 65-inch Standing Gaming Computer Desk

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The Eureka Ergonomic 65-inch Standing Computer Desk has a vast surface area of 65 by 27 inches, so there’s more than enough space for your case, monitor, and other peripherals. Eureka gaming desks have incredible functionality with four USB charging ports, a double headset hook, and a cup holder. There are also lots of accessories like keyboard trays, CPU stands, and monitor stands available so you can customize it to your needs.

The desktop has an attractive carbon fiber design that offers excellent mouse tracking for fast-paced games like Apex Legends or VALORANT. The Eureka 65-inch Ergonomic Standing desk is height-adjustable between 29.92 and 48.43 inches with four memory settings. It also has six-color RGB lighting with multiple presets like strobe lighting and shuffle. This desk has incredible all-around performance and one of the best standing gaming desks.

RESPAWN 3010 Computer Ergonomic Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

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The Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk is another standing desk with great functionality. It has two levels: a large, 52.6 by 23.6-inch desktop and a second raised monitor shelf with 28.7 by 8.6 inches. The raised monitor shelf is a brilliant feature that lets you view your screen at eye level and can help with your posture. Another great feature is the cutout on the main desktop that allows you to get closer to the monitor.

This gaming desk is pneumatically adjustable between 28.1 and 43.8 inches so you can use it sitting or standing. A nice touch is the colored strips on each side available in red, green, blue, and black. There is also a cupholder, headphone holder, and raised speaker shelves for added convenience. 

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk

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The Flexispot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk has a solid, industrial-grade steel frame with a 154-pound weight capacity. It also has a 55 by 27-inch surface area with an attractive carbon fiber look. The rear has a cut out to efficiently run your cables, and the front is angled, so it’s easier to rest your arms. 

This desk has an electric motor lift mechanism that’s silent and unobtrusive at under 50dB. It can adjust between 28 and 47.6 inches at a rate of one-inch a second. The Flexispot Height Adjustable Gaming Desk has no accessories, but it does its job of being a fantastic sitting and standing desk. 

ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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The ApexDesk Elite Series is perfect if you use your desk for both work and gaming. The enormous 71 by 33-inch surface is more than enough space for your gaming equipment, and you can even add a printer, scanner, or other business devices. It also has a solid steel frame with a massive 225-pound weight capacity to support all your stuff.

The desktop has an MFD wood top available in colors like American Walnut, Red Cherry, and White. It’s available with a straight edge or a cutout, but the cutout is more ergonomic and looks better. This desk has an electrically-adjustable life system that raises at 1.5 inches per second. It also has four presets, so you can set it for different heights for you to sit or stand. 

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation

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The Thermaltake Level 20 is the best option if like RGB lighting. LEDs are running along all the edges with 20 customizable zones. It has eight different presets, and you can use the iTAKE engine to match the lighting with other devices like headsets, mice, and monitors. This gaming desk also has enough space for all your devices with 63.2 by 27.7 inches of space. You also get a mousepad with a semi-course textured weave covering the whole desk.

The Thermaltake Level 20 has a considerable weight capacity of 330 pounds, and the quiet motor can adjust it between 27.5 to 43.3 inches. The controller has four presets and even displays the height on a tiny screen. Other outstanding features are built-in cable management and Alexa compatibility. This desk has exceptional features, but it costs a fortune. 

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

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The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes in a range of attractive colors and looks fantastic. Unlike the other standing desks on this list, the Arozzi Arena has a manual height adjustment system using screws to extend or retract the legs. There are also four balance knobs to fine-tune the stability.

This desk has fantastic cable management features with three cutouts and a cable management basket under the desktop. The entire surface has a washable microfiber mousepad with an anti-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place. At 62.9 by 32.3 inches, there’s enough room for your monitor, case, and other devices.

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