The 7 best RGB keyboards for gaming

Never press the wrong key again with the best RGB keyboards.

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Every second counts when you’re playing intense games like VALORANT or Call of Duty, so you need the most responsive keyboard possible. Your keyboard is the primary interface between you and your game, so it should be comfortable to use for hours and durable enough for marathon sessions. 

Many gamers prefer the tactile feel of mechanical keyboards, while others prefer silent membrane keyboards. Gamers tend to favor wired keyboards over wireless keyboards because of faster response times and no need for batteries. You can still get great wireless keyboards, however, and they can reduce clutter.

RGB lighting has also exploded in popularity over the last few years and is found on everything from motherboards to power supply units and even on NVMe SSDs. Done right, it looks fantastic and creates an excellent atmosphere for you to play in.

It has a practical function on keyboards because you can allocate colors to your direction buttons and other ones to your action buttons. It can help you find the button you want to press faster and maybe even win you the game.

We’ve made a list of some of the best RGB keyboards with excellent gaming features.

SteelSeries Apex Pro 

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The SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of the best keyboards you can get if you’re a serious gamer. What sets it apart from most other gaming keyboards is the ability to adjust the actuation of the keys to your liking and its impressive response times. It has a tiny OLED display on the top right corner, and you can use it to set the amount of pressure needed for each key to work with actuation points as low as 0.4mm and response times as low as 0.7ms. You can even set different profiles with faster responses for games like Apex Legends or slower responses for Dota 2.   

This keyboard also has outstanding build-quality with an aluminum frame and durability rated at 100 million keypresses. It’s also not very bulky, and you can easily add or remove the magnetic wrist rest. The RGB lighting looks stunning, and you can configure each key individually with the SteelSeries Engine app. You can also sync it with your other SteelSeries devices like mice and headsets

Corsair K100 

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The Corsair K100 is another top-of-the-range keyboard with unique features. Instead of conventional mechanical keys, it uses the newer opto-mechanical switches that use a laser to function. When you press a key, the laser gets broken, and the key gets activated. These keys require very little pressure and have a long 100-million stroke life expectancy.

The Corsair K100 also has an aluminum frame and a removable wrist rest. There are also six additional macro buttons and the iCUE control wheel to configure the keyboard. You can create a massive 200 gaming profiles and control each key’s RGB lighting. The iCUE app also allows you to create your own presets covering 44-zones. This keyboard has some of the best customization options of any keyboard, but you have to pay a fortune for the privilege.

Redragon K552 

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If you have a limited budget, you can get the Redragon K552. This 87-key keyboard uses Outemu Blue Key mechanical switches, which are the equivalent of Cherry Blue MX switches renowned for their durability and responsiveness. All the keys have built-in anti-ghosting with an audible click when pressed.

The K552 has durable construction with an aluminum backplate, and it’s also spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about dropping coffee on it. The RGB lighting looks fantastic and comes with 19 different preset modes like Rippling, Breathing, and Raising Wave. The K552 is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting and has incredible value.

Razer Cynosa V2 

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The Razer Cynosa V2 is another well-priced keyboard with fantastic features. It has a sleek minimalist design with matte black plastic, but there’s no braided cable or wrist rest. This keyboard also uses membrane keys instead of mechanical keys, but they are fast enough for Overwatch and CS:GO and make little noise. Compared to the Cynosa V1, it has six additional media keys and per-key RGB lighting.

Mapping the lighting to certain zones can make a huge difference when you are playing, but you have to download the Razer Chroma app to configure them. The app allows you to sync the lighting with your games to reflect your health level, ammo level, and more. You can also match it to your headset, mouse, or gaming case. It’s very durable for being so inexpensive and has an expected lifespan of 80 million clicks and a spill-resistant design.

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 4

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The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 4 costs a bit more but has a rugged aluminum faceplate. This mechanical keyboard features high-end Cherry MX Red switches, which are renowned for their speed and responsiveness. All the keys have a double shot design, meaning they’re made from two plastic layers to ensure the letters or symbols never fade. You also get built-in anti-ghosting and a long, 50-million keystroke life expectancy.

The RGB lighting is much more understated than many rivals and has more of an ambient effect. It can be configured with the F.L.U.X. software and has five different brightness levels and 18 lighting effects. You can also store up to three macros to have shortcuts in games like League of Legends. The S.T.R.I.K.E 4 may have fewer features than similarly priced keyboards, but its build-quality is second to none.

Cooler Master MK850 

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The Cooler Master MK850 is one of the best-looking keyboards on this list with chiseled corners and precision wheels. It uses Cherry MX Red Switches like many of its rivals but adds a new twist. The QWER and ASDF keys feature the new Aimpad technology, which makes them function as an analog stick on a controller. Since you can get different resistant levels from the keys, the Aimpad function is perfect for driving games or flight simulators.

This keyboard also has other superb features like a durable aluminum baseplate, a magnetic wrist rest, and precision wheels that control the volume, lighting, and different settings. The RGB lighting adds to the visual appeal and has the usual 16.7-million colors to choose from. 

Razer BlackWidow V3

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The Razer BlackWidow V3 is an excellent choice if you want outstanding performance and wireless capability. It’s Razer’s first wireless mechanical keyboard, and it uses both Bluetooth and or wireless 2.4Ghz from a USB dongle to connect to your PC. Both methods are fast with no noticeable lag, and you can also use the USB-C cable if you like. 

This keyboard also uses doubleshot keycaps and has a transparent switch housing to showcase the RGB lighting. There are also dedicated media switches on the top left corner, and a control wheel for volume and other functions. The per-key RGB lighting is vivid, and there are countless customization opportunities if you use the Razer Chroma software.

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