The 7 best orange gaming chairs

Brighten up the room with the best orange gaming chairs.

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Gaming chairs can make a difference in your gameplay.

If you feel relaxed and fresh, you’ll play better. If you feel hot and your body is sore and tired, you likely won’t be able to fully concentrate and or play as well. That’s why it’s so important to have a comfortable gaming chair that fits your body and has ergonomic features.

There are loads of gaming chairs on the market with different shapes and designs. Whether you choose a bucket racing seat or a sofa, it must be comfortable for hours of play. We all have our preferences, but most people like to have a chair that stands out.

Here are some of the best orange gaming chairs.

Vertagear P-Line 6000

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The Vertagear P-Line 6000 Black-Orange Special Edition follows the racing seat formula and is renowned for its quality and comfort. This special edition chair has an attractive orange, black, and white color scheme with an eye-catching design. It has a metal base covered with thick foam and a PU leather exterior that’s easy to clean and keeps you cool.

The Vertagear P-Line 6000 also has four-way adjustable armrests and a durable aluminum five-star base. There are four tilt settings, and it also reclines up to 140-degrees. You also get additional neck and lumbar support pillows. This Vertagear chair has an ergonomic shape for hours of comfort and is one of the best orange gaming chairs you can get.

Noblechairs ICON

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The Noblechairs Icon is also famous for its ergonomics and comfort. Instead of emulating a racing car, it copies luxury sports cars’ design, complete with elegant stitching in a diamond pattern. It’s a mix between a racing chair and an office chair and provides the best of both worlds. This chair comes in many colors, but Cognac stands out and looks classy. It isn’t bright orange, but instead a more subdued and subtle tone.

The Icon doesn’t just look good, it also has impressive build quality. The base is made from steel, and it’s covered with thick 55-percent density foam and a thick 0.059-inch thick PU leather upholstery. Where this chair excels is the adjustable lumbar support and the 4D armrests. It’s elegant and more low-key than most gaming chairs.

Cougar Ranger

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The Cougar Ranger is a soft gaming recliner perfect for sitting back and playing some Apex Legends. The shape is a welcome change from conventional racing chairs, and it will fit in better in your living room. It comes in a range of colors, but the orange and black combination with diamond stitching stands out the most.  

The Cougar Ranger is smaller than a traditional reclining sofa but is just as cozy. The padding is thick, and the PU leather upholstery feels soft and durable. If you want to lie back, the recliner goes down to 160-degrees, and there’s also a removable lumbar pillow. The Cougar is an excellent alternative to a racing chair and doesn’t cost a fortune.

DXRacer FH11/NO Black Orange Formula Series

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DXRacer was one of the first companies to promote the racing gaming chair design, and the Formula Series has become an icon in the gaming world. The Orange Formula Series continues the tradition and is far cheaper than the other chairs we’ve mentioned. Most of the chair is black, but it has prominent orange accents along the support areas and the star-shaped base.

The Orange Formula has a similar design to the other chairs in the Formula series with breathable mesh and PU leather over foam padding and a metal base. The shape is comfortable enough for hours of Apex Legends or Call of Duty, and it has a large, 200-pound weight capacity. It also has large air vents on the headrest to keep you cool.

Anda Seat Fnatic Edition

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The Anda Seat Fnatic Edition is perfect for fans of the esports team. It comes in stylish black PU leather with bright orange accents and tasteful Fnatic logos on the front and rear. The rear has a sculpted look to make it stand out from other gaming chairs, and there are also two large cooling vents on the headrest. The Anda Seat Fnatic Edition is quite large and spacious, with ample padding in all areas.

This gaming chair is highly customizable with 4D-adjustable armrests, five-position tilt control, and a 160-degree recliner. It also has a massive 440-pound weight limit and a lifetime limited warranty on the frame. It’s worth getting this chair even if you’re not a Fnatic fan, but it might be too big for some people.


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The Argo is the second Cougar chair on this list, and it’s also very different, just like the Ranger. The stunning design is a mix of an office chair and a gaming chair with a PU leather seat and a soft-mesh backrest. The frame and the eye-catching base are all a rich orange color to complement the black on the chair.

The Cougar Argo has several features to set it apart from other gaming chairs. The mesh backrest has fantastic airflow to keep you cool, and it also helps to reduce weight. You can slide the seat forward and backward, and the backrest reclines to 130-degrees. There’s also dynamic lumbar support for your back and an adjustable headrest. This chair is a breath of fresh air and offers something unique.


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The GT Omega PRO  is another reasonably priced gaming chair with fantastic ergonomics. It also comes in various colors, but the orange looks fabulous, especially around the vents.

This chair’s construction is solid with 2mm metal tubes for the frame and molded foam padding. The upholstery is breathable PU leather with an attractive chevron design on the backrest.

This chair can swivel 360-degrees and is also height-adjustable, and has a tilt-lock mechanism. You can adjust the armrests in all directions, and it reclines to 160-degrees. Both the backrest and the seat follow the contours of your body to maximize comfort. The GT Omega Pros is a durable gaming chair that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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