The 6 best gaming glasses

Give your eyes a chance to fight another day.

Gaming monitors and chairs play a significant role when it comes to ergonomics, they make sure you don’t strain your body during prolonged gaming sessions. A gaming monitor and color profiles are influential on dry eyes after long periods gaming, but the best gaming glasses can help. They can block off UV light along with some blue light so you can sleep better at night by protecting and cutting down on eye strain. High energy blue light is well-documented to boost alertness, which isn’t great if you’re trying to sleep soon!

Most professional players prefer using gaming glasses during long tournaments to preserve their eye strength. Most gaming glasses come with yellow-tinted or amber lenses to provide a less tiring color spectrum. Others have clear lenses that also act as blue light filters too. Both cut down on eye fatigue and prevent some of the worst side effects of gaming for long stretches.

The main reason why blue light is dangerous for people is that it penetrates all the way to the retina. This will mess with the brain’s conception of day and night. It’s why most eye professionals advise not using any electronics one hour before bed. While you can’t eliminate all of its harmful effects, it’s possible to reduce them to a minimum.

Finding the best gaming glasses for your needs can be difficult a task since they vary in size and style. However, most of the best ones are made from flexible material so size shouldn’t be a major issue. Though everyone’s taste in fashion varies, we’ve gathered the best options on the market when it comes to their price and offerings.

Here are the best gaming glasses.

GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Computer Glasses

Anyone who wears prescription glasses will know the difficulties that come with sunglasses, and the same problems apply to the best gaming glasses. You would need to carry around multiple sets of glasses along with multiple cases. This can be a real pain while traveling If you’d like to keep things simple and your bagless crowded, clip-ons with amber lenses and blue light filters will be a big help.

GAMEKING’s clip-on solution features the same anti-reflective coating the company uses in its regular glasses. It blocks out up to 85 percent of harmful blue light you’d receive from a screen. It also eliminates 100 percent of UV400 waves. 

The clip-ons only weigh 12 grams by themselves, meaning they’ll be as light as your pre-existing frames. The lenses are also coated with anti-fog, scratch, stain, and oil coating, making them quite durable to whatever nature may throw at them.

Clip-ons tend to be easier to clean as well when compared to a full-sized frame since you’ll be able to rotate them around under water freely. Gamers looking for an even lighter version of this can check out GAMEKING’s Ultra clip-ons that weigh four grams less and feature a more modern-looking clip-on system.

GUNNAR Sheadog Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR’s designs and marketing in the early days of gaming glasses helped spectacles become the popular accessory they are today. The company still continues to be one of the leading brands on the market, with Gunnar Optik being some of the most recognizable. They’re probably the most well-known maker of the best gaming glasses, making the models used by a lot of pros. 

GUNNAR’s Sheadog gaming glasses feature the company’s successful lens formula in a light and stylish frame. The yellow lenses of the glasses block 65 blue light and offer 100-percent UV protection. They’re also covered with anti-reflective coating and feature a patented focusing power of 0.20 mag.

The metal frame weighs 13.6 grams, which may make you forget you even have them on. Sheadog’s ergonomic shape is also excellent for gamers with bigger-than-average heads! The temples of the glasses can be easily bent for finer adjustments to make sure they’re a perfect fit. You can reduce dry eyes and get less UV lights without having to size up your head here.

If you’re adjusting your glasses with a prescription, we’d recommend taking your glasses to an optical store. Especially if you aren’t entirely confident enough to make the adjustments yourself since professionals use heating tools to safely work on your frame.

HyperX Gaming Eyewear

Yellow lenses block the highest amount of blue light possible and cut down on dry eyes, but they may not be ideal while performing color-intensive tasks. If you edit photos or videos, you’ll often find yourself struggling with shades if you don’t take them off. Although doing so defeats the whole purpose! This can have blowback for gaming if you need a color-specific view too.

HyperX’s gaming eyewear deals with this problem. They feature clear lenses that give them a classic look. They don’t hold back when it comes to blue light protection and stopping eye fatigue though. This fashionable pair of glasses takes advantage of a patented lens technology, MR-8, that blocks more blue light compared to other clear lenses on the market without distorting color.

Unlike most entries on our list, HyperX ships the glasses with two cases. The first one’s a regular microfiber holding case that can also double as a cleaning wipe for your glasses, and the second one’s a hard-shell case that can protect your glasses even in the most crowded bags. This makes them great for use while traveling as well as at home.

You can choose from three different colors if you decide to go for the HyperX gaming wear. A pretty standard black frame, a black/clear hybrid, and a tortoise brown which takes the crown when it comes to aesthetics.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

It may not be tempting to spend a lot of cash on a product you’ve never experienced before. Though it’s hard to go wrong with any of the high-end best gaming glasses on our list, there’s also a chance you may find wearing glasses while gaming uncomfortable if you’ve never worn them before. If that’s a concern, this set is for you.

These Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses are one of the best gaming glasses in the market when it comes to their price/performance ratio. You get all the necessary features you’d find in almost all gaming glasses, and the only thing it’s behind on is its frame quality since it’s made of TR90 nylon. They still cut down on dry eyes and the effects of blue light.

The lenses are 53 millimeters long, amber-tinted, and covered with an anti-reflective coating. The non-polarized lenses offer full UV400 protection and also reduce the overall glare. Despite lowering its overall build quality, the nylon rectangular frame makes the frame more adjustable, meaning that you can customize it for your head easily.

GUNNAR/Razer RPG Gaming Glasses

It’s hard not to stumble upon Razer when it comes to anything related to gaming. The company is involved in all areas of pro gaming and high-level gaming setups, usually with a high quality. Its entrance into the glasses market is a collaboration between two giants.

Razer and GUNNAR teamed up to create the RPG gaming glasses which feature the best that both manufacturers have to offer. The glasses rock the iconic Razer look while it’s equipped with Gunnar’s latest lens technology. The lenses used in the glasses can block 65 percent of blue light from any source and have 100-percent UV light protection. This is really going to help dry eyes from gaming for long periods.

The lenses come with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, making them durable enough to survive in the harshest conditions. The RPG glasses also come with adjustable nose pads. Glasses without adjustable nose pads usually suffer from sliding down regularly, and a decent nose pad adjustment can make your glasses stay in their place for hours.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

Though most glasses options on our list all feature stylish frames, they lack in customization when it comes to frame types. There are countless frame shapes that range from round to rectangular frames.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield gaming glasses rise above the competition, mostly due to the number of options it provides to its customers. You can choose from four different frame kinds, including classic rectangle, round, square, and WF1.

You can also pick the type of lens you want between clear and tinted amber lenses with blue light filters. There are a total of three available colors for each frame consisting of clear, black, and tortoise. The yellow-tinted glasses offer 90 percent protection against blue light while the clear lenses will be good for 62 percent. Both types of lenses are covered with anti-scratch and dirt coatings.

The glasses’ package includes a slim hard case and a microfiber cloth to wipe your lenses whenever they get dirty. The lack of adjustable nose pads makes the frames less flexible, but you can always invest in third-party silicon nose pads to make up for their absence.

livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best Gaming Glasses
Image from Iivho

These livho gaming glasses are stylish and simple. It might be hard to spot that they’re blocking light out at all. If you’re looking for a pair of gaming glasses that look like they’re stylish normal glasses, then these are some of the best gaming glasses. Outside of the visuals though, these frames still have great performance for how they deal with UV lights. 

These glasses can reduce visual fatigue and pain from glare, they also provide UV400 protection. The lenses also block a decent portion of blue rays. These glasses are designed to block the most harmful blue lights at the 400nm-500nm wavelength. This isn’t the full spectrum, but it does cover the most harmful for eye fatigue and gives you decent protection. This should make you more comfortable gaming over long sessions. 

The frames on these glasses don’t just look good, they’re pretty durable too. These are made from TR90 nylon. They’re durable and flexible. These aren’t going to be breaking very easily, even if they’re the victim of a rage quit moment.  

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Men

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women Men – Best Gaming Glasses
Image from TIJN

These TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses are unisex, so any gamer can use them and not have to worry about them looking right. These glasses have a simple design of thick and plain rectangular frames, with clear lenses inside too. This is different from some of the gamer-specific designs we’ve highlighted as the best gaming glasses and perfect if you want an understated look. 

These glasses have clear frames, so they aren’t quite as intensive in blocking out light as some of the others listed here. However, they do still block out 100% of harmful UV lights. This is going to cut down significantly on the strain your feel when watching screens for too long. They’re specifically designed to help out with looking at PCs which makes a big difference. 

The frames for these glasses are designed to be very light. You’re barely going to notice that you’re wearing them which should cut down on discomfort. Each of the frames has the same shape, but they’re available in loads of different styles. You can easily find a pair with the exact coloring to match your aesthetic.  The hinges for these glasses have also been designed with comfort in mind. They can bend over 90 degrees, so you’re unlikely to have any unfortunate accidents with the hinge.

TRUST Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TRUST Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Best Gaming Glasses
Image from Trust

These TRUST Blue Light blocking glasses are perfect for gaming if you’re been suffering from eye strain. They use proprietary lenses to achieve even better blue light reduction than you’ll find in a lot of glasses. The blue light filters are something special, especially in these stylish rectangular frames.

The lenses in use here are BluGuard treated amber lenses. These should reduce blue light by 40%, which can help to avoid long-term problems and make you more comfortable in longer gaming sessions. 

The glasses themselves are unique here too. They use hinges of aluminum on the temples, for better comfort and durability. The frames are made from lightweight material, so you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing them outside of not getting dry eyes or eye fatigue.

Though each frame on our list features durable and quality lenses, it’ll still be a good idea to wash them from time to time. Run some water on them when necessary. If you’d like to take things to the next level, you can also use mild dish soap and rub it gently on your lenses. The dish soap will break all the oil residue on your lenses, and it won’t damage any of the coatings unless it’s perfumed.

Though each frame on our list features durable and quality lenses, it’ll still be a good idea to wash them from time to time. Run some water on them when necessary. If you’d like to take things to the next level, you can also use mild dish soap and rub it gently on your lenses. The dish soap will break all the oil residue on your lenses, and it won’t damage any of the coatings unless it’s perfumed.

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