The 5 best Xbox Series X and S wireless headsets

These are some of the best headset options for the Xbox Series X/S.

Image via Microsoft

With the release of the Xbox Series X and S, thousands of gamers around the world have had their first taste of the next generation of gaming. While the new Xbox systems come equipped with everything you need to get going straight out of the box, there won’t be a headset included with the consoles.

There are multiple reasons to game with a headset. Sound is such an integral part of gaming because it allows the player to further immerse themselves in the world of the game. This can be by enhancing the storytelling in single-player titles or by allowing the user to hear nearby enemies in a multiplayer experience.

Additionally, a headset allows the player to interact with other players online. Having this ability is often vital to success in a game as a team that can interact and strategizes together will always have the advantage over a team without communication. Furthermore, having a headset allows users to relax and socialize using Xbox’s chat features.

While there are few headsets labeled to support the Xbox Series X/S, many of the headsets that have supported the One X will work fine.

Here are some of the best wireless headset options for the Xbox Series X/S.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

Image via Turtle Beach

One of the few options crafted for the next-generation Xbox consoles, this headset boasts upgrades of its popular predecessor. These changes come in all aspects from the performance all the way to the design and comfort of the headset. This sleek black headset is perfect for long gaming sessions, boasting cooling gel-infused memory ear cushions for the highest level of comfort. With surround sound, this headset offers one of the most intense and thorough listening experiences, allowing its user to pinpoint a sound in a full 360 radius.

Boasting Xbox wireless connectivity, this headset requires no extra adapters and will immediately be recognized and connect to the console. With a 20-hour battery life, users will have quite a lenient duration before they are required to charge the headset. This unit is one of the best headsets on the market and worth considering when purchasing your new Xbox headset.

Astro Gaming A20 Gen 2

Image via Astro Gaming

While it may require you to purchase an Xbox Series X USB Transmitter, this Astro headset is a high-quality gaming headset perfect for both casual players and hardcore gamers. Boasting 2.4GHz extended range wireless connectivity, this headset should be more than suitable for most gamers’ setups. The headset is crafted with lightweight materials to maximize comfort while keeping the high-quality construction the brand is known for.

This headset includes multiple EQ presets that can be cycled between to suit the purpose the user currently has for the headset. This allows them to decide on what sounds the best to them at the time. With 15 hours of battery life, players will have more than sufficient time to smash out a long gaming session with no fear of batteries running out.

Corsair HS75

Image via Corsair

The Corsair HS75 is one of the most quality audio experiences available in gaming, boasting Dolby Atmos technology to fully immerse the player in their game. Corsair focused a lot on the microphone in this model. This detachable microphone will reduce ambient noise captured and allow only the player’s voice to come through in a clear signal.

Users will be able to control the headset’s game and chat level through controls on the ear of the headset. The unit is designed for comfort with adjustable earcups that can be changed to suit any user. This is an exceptional headset, and for users who are serious about getting a headset that will last a long while, this is a fantastic choice.

Razer Kaira Pro

Image via Razer

Razer has been at the top of gaming peripherals for many years, and the Kaira Pro headset is no exception. Boasting Xbox wireless, this headset is perfect for use on the new consoles, providing low-latency connection directly to the device. The uses for this headset do not stop there, however, as it also utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 to seamlessly connect to supported devices such as mobile phones. For gamers on the go, this can be the perfect headset to pair with Xbox’s XCloud service or even just to stream to a different room in their house.

With Triforce titanium drivers, this headset has been engineered to offer the highest quality gaming audio including some notable Xbox-exclusive bonuses that will tailor the sound to perfectly suit the new devices.

The detachable microphone also received some great features like the specific pickup area facing the user’s mouth, allowing them to speak without fear of the headset picking up any background noise. For gamers who have experience with Razer products, this headset was likely a no-brainer. But if you are undecided, this is a great option to consider.


Image via RIG

One of the more budget-friendly options on our list, the RIG 700HX doesn’t compromise on quality for the price. This unit is a beast at producing perfect gaming audio and immersing the player in the world of their game. With sonic surround sound, users can pinpoint the location of a sound from any direction assisting them in their gameplay experience. Including the addition of a control dial, players can adjust their game and chat sound to perfectly suit the level they are after manually on the device.

This headset may seem like many others with the versatility to connect to a variety of devices outside of the latest Xbox consoles. But where this headset becomes unique is in its design. While the unit does appear quite bulky, it is not heavy in the slightest. In fact, the headset was designed to be lightweight, weighing just 8.5 ounces while keeping a high-quality design to ensure that it remains durable. The team at RIG succeeded in doing so, and with the headset’s simple setup, this is the perfect headset for a variety of gamers.

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