The 3 best customizable PS5 controllers

Here are the best customizable PS5 controllers available right now.

HexGaming PS5 Rival Great Wave
Image via HexGaming

Custom controllers are an essential part of the gaming experience for many gamers. Some controllers have exclusive paint jobs, while others change every aspect of the original design.

The PS5 may be just under a year old, but that isn’t stopping some companies from creating and shipping customized DualSense controllers. Here are the best customizable PS5 controllers available right now.

What to look for in customizable controllers

The best part of having a customized controller is the personalization that comes with it. Many different parts make up a controller, which affords the opportunity to change its colors or even its functionality.

When looking at or designing custom controllers, it’s always important to check out the price of available options. Some sites allow for a swath of custom options but charge an extraordinary amount for each. While this list has the best custom PS5 controllers available right now, the actual price points come at a premium.

It is also important to look at the warranty policy on the controller. Because these are custom controllers, there isn’t a warranty from Sony to fall back on. Usually, a warranty is associated with the customizer, but it can be as little as two months to a full year.

AIM Controllers

AIM Controllers sell some of the best custom gamepads for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Now that it’s moving on to the PS5, AIM Controllers is one of the only shops shipping custom DualSense controllers.

Each controller on AIM Controllers’ website, predesigned or made from scratch, is customizable with new thumbsticks, paddles, hair triggers, and other features usually found in modded controllers. Gamers can even send in their DualSense to be customized after paying the shipping and handling fees.

Options range from hydro dipped shells and back paddles to modded “smart triggers,” which is AIM’s version of a hair trigger. However, there isn’t a clear value associated with any of the available options. The base price for a standard DualSense without any modifications on the site is $80, which is $11 more than an unmodded controller.

If someone chooses every available option, including expedited shipping and logos, the amount jumps to nearly $500. That’s nearly the same price as a PS5 with a disc drive.

AIM Controllers’ have a lifetime warranty on all of its customized DualSenses but with some caveats. Once a controller is shipped, a buyer cannot return it for a refund unless the controller is unusable upon opening. The warranty covers any repairs to the modded sections of the controllers, but damage and malfunctions that AIM can’t reproduce are not under warranty.


Like AIM, HexGaming’s version of a modded PS5 controller uses the DualSense as a base. However, the HexGaming Rival controller lacks a lot of features that AIM has in its modification selection.

The Rival has many of the standard offerings of a customizable controller: different options for thumbsticks, color options for the shell, and textured grip for the back. It also has additional programmable buttons on the back that can use up to 15 functions and hair triggers.

However, $290 is a high asking price for what SCUF sells for more than $100 cheaper for its PS4 controllers. Despite the high price, the Rival is cheaper than AIM’s controller with the same options enabled.

The HexGaming warranty covers Rival controllers for 90 days, which a buyer can extend to another 90 days if a photo is shared and tagged on social media. The warranty will cover any cosmetic or thumbstick damage in addition to shipping fees and modification errors. After the warranty period ends, HexGaming will still fix the controller, but shipping fees are not covered.

Battle Beaver

Battle Beaver offered some of the best custom controllers for the PS4 with extra buttons and an in-depth aesthetic selection. The company recently began shipping custom DualSense controllers and is sticking to what made its PS4 controllers so likable.

While the other two customizer shops have a wide array of options for color combinations, Battle Beaver has a more impressive suite of options to choose from. Buyers can customize nearly every part of the DualSense controller with a colorized soft touch, metallic, or translucent finishes.

Instead of paddles, Battle Beaver uses programmable buttons. The buttons can be placed in specific spots according to the user’s preference. For example, three buttons mapped with R3, L3, and square can rest on the back right side of the controller.

Unlike AIM or HexGaming, Battle Beaver allows for returns of the controller. Buyers won’t be given a full refund since the company charges a 15 percent restocking fee on top of shipping. However, any damage to the custom parts or the controller itself isn’t covered by the warranty and will not be refunded.

More companies are prepping custom controllers for the PS5, but it may be a little longer before more options are available. Looking forward, 2022 should be a year full of new custom controllers to choose from.

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