Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controllers support were added to Apple’s iOS 16

IOS users, rejoice.

Image by Nintendo via Amazon

Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 operating system officially supports the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller.

The iOS 16 announcement took place last Monday during Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC 2022, and the functionality of the controls was discovered when Riley Testut began testing iOS 16. Riley Testut, an iOS game emulator developer named Delta, shared his discovery of compatibility for both the Switch Joy-Cons, using the two controllers separately or together, and the Pro Controller.

The information was confirmed on Twitter by Nat Brown, Apple’s engineering manager. In addition to the availability of using Nintendo Switch controllers, according to internal codes analyzed by the website 9to5Mac, iOS 16 will also come with support for 8Bitdo joysticks, the Bada Moga XP5-X Plus. and the Logitech F710 Gamepad.

Versions before iOS 16 only natively supported a few controllers, such as the DualSense on the PlayStation 5 and those on the Xbox Series X. The public beta test version of iOS 16 will be available in July and is expected to be fully released to the public this fall.

Other game-related features are being implemented in the new update besides support for Joy-Cons. Macs and iPads will also receive new features. The M2 chip also announced yesterday at WWDC 2022 will contain MetalFX Upscaling technology. With it, devices will be able to render smaller frames, which can be scaled by the algorithm, providing better performance, with higher frames per second rates, without having to render everything using hardware.