SteelSeries Moments leaving beta today

SteelSeries wants you to share your gaming highs and lows with Moments.

Photo via SteelSeries

After nearly two years in beta, SteelSeries’ Moments software is finally getting a full rollout.

Moments is a clip-capturing software that emphasizes social gaming and is compatible with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. SteelSeries’ Moments software allows users to clip, edit, and share their gameplay in one fell swoop in a single application. A factor that differentiates Moments from other gameplay capture software is the number of platforms users can post to from the application.

Image via SteelSeries

Users can post their big plays and epic fails to Discord, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Gfycat, and Facebook. Moments allows direct upload to YouTube and Gfycat while supporting drag-and-drop posting to Discord, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. For comparison, Nvidia’s ShadowPlay (Nvidia Share) allows its users to post directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Weibo.

Screengrab via SteelSeries

SteelSeries’ Moments software functions much like a regular gameplay capture software with customizable hotkeys and shortcuts but adds a bit more to the mix with its editing tool. Users can edit the length of their clip with start and end slates or add GIFs and text for a dose of humor. Editing clips in-app gives players the option to add more personality to their clips before sharing them on various platforms.

Screengrab via SteelSeries

Along with editing clips, users can take advantage of the GameSense autoclip feature in a few competitive games. GameSense is also customizable, allowing users to toggle which types of game-specific moments the software auto clips, like knife kills in CS:GO. Compatible titles currently include League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2. Fortnite and VALORANT will soon be joining the fold.

For more information regarding Moments and its system requirements, visit the company’s website.