Steam Play Next is now available in new client update

Maybe this will get people to dust off some unplayed games.

Image via Valve

Steam Labs has produced yet another successful experiment as Valve is pushing Experiment 008, otherwise known as Play Next, to Steam in the most recent client update.

This new feature uses machine learning to provide suggestions based on individual user libraries for what game a Steam user should start playing next. 

These suggestions are available now inside of your Library’s Home section if you update your client. It should already be pointing you to some titles you already own but haven’t played at all. And considering a lot of Steam users will purchase multiple games during one of the service’s many seasonal sales and then not pick them up once, this could be a useful feature for indecisive gamers. 

Only unplayed games or games with very low playtime will be recommended through this feature for users who have libraries with more than just a handful of titles. 

None of the suggestions shown will be from outside of your personal library, so don’t worry about Steam advertising to you while you are just trying to navigate through your games. But if you don’t even want an algorithm pushing you towards certain titles, you can just remove the Play Next shelf entirely or replace it with something else. 

This is just one of several experiments Valve has been working on in the Steam Labs, with others like an Automatic Show that will produce a daily, half-hour show about Steam games and an expansion for game tags still under construction.