Steam monthly active users outpace PlayStation Network and Epic Games Store

Steam monthly active user data showcases PC gaming's growth potential.

Image via Valve

Steam has long been the king of PC gaming when it comes to digital storefronts and launchers, but the platform has now surpassed both PlayStation Network and Epic Games Store.

The Valve-owned platform posted 134 million monthly active users in 2021. This marks 12 million more monthly active users than were reported in 2020. Posting these numbers puts Steam well ahead of Sony’s Q3 2021 report of 111 million PlayStation Network monthly active users, meaning Steam has a bigger hold of the gaming market than PlayStation consoles. To top it off, Steam’s 134 million monthly active users dwarfs the Epic Games Stores’ reported 62 million monthly active users in December 2021.

Originally launched in 2003, Steam had everyone beat to the punch. If you own a gaming PC, then you more than likely have a Steam account that is your go-to launcher and storefront. While Epic Games Store has since stepped up to the plate, it appears its Herculean efforts to encroach on Steam’s territory haven’t paid off just yet, even with all of the free games and other incentives.

PC gaming is set to continue its growth as it entices more big names like Sony to bring their games to the platform. The same goes for Microsoft continuing to release its first-party exclusives like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 on PC. Even Sony has ported over first-party titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, and Days Gone. With heavy-hitters like these, some PC players may be less panicked about finding a PlayStation 5 in the middle of a chip shortage that has tanked every console hardware release from Sony and Xbox to GPUs from Nvidia and Intel.