Steam Deck verified games list hits 100 titles

A strong launch day library.

Image via Valve

After a delayed December launch, the Steam Deck is finally shipping out on Feb. 25 to first-round reservation holders. Luckily for the early adopters, Valve’s verified games list has reached 100 titles.

The Steam Deck will have over 100 games playable at launch, but things aren’t quite that straightforward since there are several different categories to keep track of. Of the 100 games on the list, only 60 are verified, meaning these games are ready to roll on day one for certain. The other 40-game chunk of the list is designated as playable, meaning they’re playable but have not passed all compatibility checks. These games may require some additional effort on the gamer’s part to get running.

When Valve began testing on the Steam Deck, it undertook the task of verifying the compatibility of every game in the Steam catalog. While the Steam Deck is essentially a PC, it doesn’t run Windows out of the box and doesn’t support titles with anti-cheat systems like Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege. Unsupported titles do not play well with the Proton operating system or are incompatible with other features of the Steam Deck. There are only five of these games currently listed.

Having 60 games verified at launch is a decent start, but it also isn’t quite as impressive as the AYANEO’s compatibility list, which lists over 100 games to varying degrees of performance on several of its devices. Still, Valve’s goal is clear and 100 games is a solid start for early adopters.

The first batch of Steam Deck reservations rolls out on Feb. 25. Round two reservations will begin shipping sometime in Q2 2022.