Steam Deck is on track to ship by February

Full Steam ahead.

Steam Deck
Image via Valve

Valve’s Steam Deck is poised to ship on schedule. Despite the global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues—all significant concerns for the highly anticipated handheld, the Steam Deck is gearing to head out the door by the end of February, according to Valve.

If you’re not registered to get your hands on one, checking estimated reservation availability offers an idea of when you can expect to have one arrive at your doorstep. As things currently stand, expected order availability is ‘After Q2 2022.’

For those wondering how their favorite Steam games will fair on the highly anticipated handheld, Valve is reviewing the entire Steam catalog for Steam Deck compatibility. This means checking four major categories: input, seamlessness, display, and system support. With that comes a Steam Deck Verified checkmark of approval for a continually growing Steam games library. Good news for Steam loyalists who are hoping for their favorite tiles to become verified before they commit to buying one.

In efforts of games receiving that nice green verified checkmark, Valve has been sending game developer kits out in quantities, with more approved developer kits on the way. With production build ramping up, it won’t be much longer before consumers finally get their hands on the Steam Deck.