Steam beta now supports PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

Not all features are currently supported, however.

Image via Sony

PlayStation 5 players can use their new DualSense controllers in the Steam client beta. Not all controller features are currently supported, but the controller can still be used to play games. 

The latest update only features initial support for the DualSense controller and does not include support for the rumble, trackpad, and gyro features. These features will likely be supported in a future update. 

The Xbox Series X is already supported in the Steam Client Beta, and a bug that caused the Series X controller to show up as two separate controllers has been resolved. The update also fixed bugs that caused game manuals to open inside the Steam client instead of in the user’s browser and caused the shelf dropdown to render without displaying a background. 

Players lucky enough to already have a PS5 can use the new DualSense controller on their PC without issue. They can use a USB-C to USB-A to connect the controller in most computer setups or connect it through Bluetooth. A full explanation of how to connect the DualSense controller to your computer can be found here

The DualSense controller is also compatible with Android phones but is currently not compatible with the latest iOS for iPhones. 

The DualSense is one of the most advanced controllers on the market that can be used on multiple platforms, and the new features will likely be supported by Steam in the future.