Sony’s CEO says PS5’s price to remain the same in spite of COVID-19

There's still no confirmation on the price range.

Image via Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) CEO Jim Ryan has said that there are no plans to change the pricing of the upcoming PS5 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Ryan however remained tight-lipped on the potential price of Sony’s next-generation console.

The PS4’s introductory price was $399.99, while the PS3’s was $499.99 for the base model, with an additional $100 needed to upgrade its storage space.

Ryan was also confident that the ongoing global pandemic would not affect the availability and release date of the PS5.

“It’s obviously introducing a level of complexity any business would prefer not to have to deal with,” Ryan said. “But we’re feeling really good about the supply chain, we’re going to launch this year and we’ll be global.”

The PS5 is confirmed for the vague release period of “holiday 2020.” A Japanese job listing suggested that the console was due for an October release, but the information was quickly refuted by SIE.

Sony has announced a livestream event called “The Future of Gaming” for the console, with several games scheduled to be revealed. Potentially, more details about the PS5 could be dropped.

PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channel will be the official streams for the presentation, beginning 3pm CT on June 4.