Sony has created a website for US residents to register for a chance to purchase a PS5 this holiday season

Here's another opportunity to get a console.

Image via PlayStation

Fans still looking for a PlayStation 5 in the U.S. have another chance to purchase a console this holiday season by registering on a new website created by Sony. 

The PS5 is still tough to find online and in retail stores for a fair price, and the demand for the console is about to surge again for the holidays. While this will make it another stressful shopping season, there’s a chance you can purchase a PS5 directly from Sony. 

As reported by Nibellion on Twitter, Sony has created a registration page for customers in the U.S. to sign up for a chance to purchase a PS5. Interested customers must sign in with their PlayStation Network Sign-In ID or they must sign up. The lucky fans selected will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase a console.

The invitation process is based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities,” according to the site’s FAQ section. It’s unclear if fans who consistently use other PlayStation consoles or platforms are more likely to be selected. 

Fans can only purchase one console if selected and invitations will start going out in November. Make sure to order as soon as possible if you’re selected since each invitation has an expiration date. An invitation doesn’t guarantee that you can order a console, so acting fast is essential.

Fans can also order other accessories, like PS5 wireless controllers, media remotes, and wireless headsets, if selected.