Sony unveils PlayStation 5 launch trailer starring Travis Scott

Thankfully, it's not as weird as previous Sony ads.

Screengrab via PlayStation

With the PlayStation 5’s launch a little over two weeks away, Sony has revealed a new ad for the upcoming console—and it’s narrated by its new partner, rapper Travis Scott.

Last week, Sony announced Scott as a “strategic creative partner” and this launch ad is the beginning of the partnership between the tech giant and the Cactus Jack brand creator.

The ad, themed around exploration and discovery, shows little of the PS5 or its games. Instead, it focuses on the abstract or the feeling the console is set to give players when it launches on Nov. 12.

“The theme of the spot is centered around the idea of exploration,” said Eric Lempel, senior VP or PlayStation Worldwide Marketing. “There is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether it’s in gaming, or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we’ve never been, see what’s never been seen. We tell the story by paying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary.”

The ad is classic PlayStation, albeit thankfully a bit less weird. Previous console ads by Sony have strayed away from gameplay or console specifics, instead portraying things like creepy robot babies or hearts attached to consoles.

The PS5 is already extremely hard to come by, with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan saying that the console netted as many pre-orders in 12 hours as the PlayStation 4 had in 12 weeks.

The PS5 will become available in some regions on Nov. 12 before a worldwide launch on Nov. 19.