Sony to reveal new details about the PlayStation 5 on March 18

The console war is on.

Image via Sony

Sony is giving fans a taste of the PlayStation 5 on Wednesday, March 18 at 11am CT, revealing new details about the console on its PlayStation blog

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will “provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture, and how it will shape the future of games,” Sony said. The reveal will be available to watch live on the PlayStation blog, as well (possibly) on Twitch. 

The news comes just two days after Microsoft revealed the full specs for its next-generation console, the Xbox Series X—a console the company claims will “set a new bar for performance, speed, and compatibility.” The new Xbox will give players the option to play thousands of games from four generations of consoles.

If Sony wants to survive the console war, the PlayStation 5 will have to match or beat the Xbox Series X, carrying either better specs or new and improved features. 

The first PS5 details were initially revealed in an exclusive interview with lead system architect Mark Cerny in April 2019. Similar to the Xbox, the PS5 will come with a solid-state drive and support PlayStation 4 games through backward compatibility. It also features an impressive set of specs, including resolutions up to 8K.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, Sony intends to launch the PS5 this year. But if the virus continues to spread across the world, it’s certainly possible it could be delayed into 2021.