Sony may limit PS5 pre-orders to one console per household

Sony could be bringing back its PS4 pre-order strategy.

Screengrab via Sony

The dataminers are out in full force to dig up information about the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. And while looking into the code on the PlayStation Direct website, one Reddit user discovered that Sony might be limiting PlayStation 5 pre-orders. 

The dataminer found an error in the source code of PlayStation Direct, where you can purchase games, accessories, and consoles. The error message popped up when the user tried to add more than one PS5 console to their cart.

Screengrab via Sony

The user dug into the code a little deeper and found a line that says “You can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart.” 

This implies that, at least when trying to purchase the console directly from Sony, the limit will be one per customer or potentially one per household. This would seem to apply to both the regular PS5 console and the digital-only variant.

There are no further details available in the source code about what will make the error message pop up, so it might just be one PS5 per checkout cart, which would still help more people get a console before scalpers have a chance to capitalize on the market demand. 

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A similar method was used when the PlayStation 4 went up for pre-order, which put the one per household limit in place for anyone trying to buy more than one console. Though, just like with that limit, you can most likely get around it by pre-ordering or purchasing consoles from multiple retailers. 

A separate piece of source code on the PlayStation Direct website also allows for an image saying “PS5 Compatible” to be seen. This is likely what will be used to show which PS4 games and products can still be used with the new console. 

Screengrab via Sony

The dataminer noted that because these labels and pre-order source code has been added to the website, the console might be getting a price and pre-orders within the next two weeks.