Sony launches new PlayStation 5 model featuring updated screw for docking stand

With a new model available, a PS5 might be easier to obtain.

Image via Sony

Sony has begun the rollout process for a new PlayStation 5 model. And while that prospect might sound exciting at first, it’s important to note that the newest PS5 model doesn’t include any substantial overhauls to the console’s hardware or internal systems.

Instead, the newest version of the PS5 replaces one of the screws required to attach the console to its stand—a simple quality-of-life change that’s not going to drastically alter the quality of the console in many ways.  

The older version of the PS5 includes a metal screw that requires the use of a screwdriver to attach it to the console’s included stand. With the newer edition of the PlayStation 5, though, no screwdriver is required to attach the updated screw to the docking stand, making the installation process much easier. The new screw features a grooved grip around the outside, making it easier to twist into place by hand. 

As of today, the PS5 new model has only been spotted in Australia. The latest PS5 models were shipped to the country sometime last week and are available for both the digital and physical versions of the console, according to Australian publication Press Start. Sony has not made a statement or given any official updates regarding when prospective buyers will be able to purchase this model in other countries around the world. 

PlayStation 5 availability is still relatively scarce around the globe, but the console is performing well in the sales department. Sony sold over 4.5 million PS5 units in 2020, with even more consoles set to fly off the shelves in 2021. With a new, updated model added to the mix of products as well, it could be easier for consumers to get their hands on a PS5 relatively soon.