Sony is pulling certain PlayStation Now subscription options ahead of revamped PS Plus launch

The previous subscriptions offer a great deal, but it is slowly disappearing.

Image via Sony

As expected following the recent announcement of its revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service, Sony has slowly started pulling some of its other subscription offers ahead of its launch in June. 

This new iteration of the model will combine PS Plus and the PlayStation Now game streaming service to create a new lineup of offerings across three various tiers—PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium.

Each tier of the new PS Plus service will give users access to distinct offerings, like free games each month, access to some of the PS Now library of games to stream, and even cloud streaming for older PlayStation titles. And this does tie into why Sony would remove some PS Now subscription offers early too. 

According to multiple sources, the previously available $59.99 yearly subscription to PS Now is not available on certain versions of the PlayStation Network. 

Sony is likely quietly removing it from digital storefronts because all active PS Now subscriptions will automatically convert to PS Plus Premium when the new service launches in June. This price point is significantly cheaper than the $119.99 yearly subscription for PS Plus Premium, and many users have already started stacking codes while the option is still available to save money. 

While the $59.99 PS Now yearly subscription is being delisted, finding an active link to a PSN page for the product might still allow you to purchase it. However, this likely won’t be an option for much longer as Sony continues to take steps to remove longer PS Now offers from its storefronts.