Sony Interactive Entertainment details new PlayStation 5 accessibility options

Sony is trying to provide a more accessible experience.

Image via Sony

With the release of the next generation of consoles, Sony is working on new ways to make the PlayStation and its games more accessible, especially for those with disabilities. 

The PS4 did have a large assortment of accessibility options, including text to speech, inverting colors, and button mapping, but the PS5 is working to enhance all of these with its next-gen technology. With the PS5, players will have access to voice dictation, thanks to the DualSense controller having a built-in mic and the use of a virtual keyboard. 

A new Screen Reader feature for blind and low-vision users with options to hear any on-screen text will also be available. Deaf and users hard of hearing can type text messages, which will be spoken out loud to other players who are in a party with them. Both of these features will support multiple languages, which you can find out more about on the SIE blog

In addition to those features, the PS5 supports color correction that will allow users to adjust colors in games, and some games will allow users to adjust to common settings before loading in. The console will also work to include improved audio enhancements to provide players with better spatial awareness for as many titles as possible. 

The DualSense controller allows a lot of this to happen, and will also let players adjust the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to their liking. 
You can read more about how Sony is working to improve accessibility for PS5 players, within SIE as a company, and in the gaming community on the SIE blog.