Sony considered a low-spec PS5 but didn’t follow through because it would be “problematic”

Sony's research pointed out that this type of console didn't have "great results in the past."

Image via Sony

Sony considered “low priced, reduced spec” console to be “problematic”, according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan in an interview for Japanese site AV Watch, which was translated by VGC. Sony’s research pointed out that this type of console did “not had great results in the past.”

The company will release two PlayStation 5 models in November, one with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and an all-digital one. Microsoft, however, will launch Xbox’s Series X and Series S, which has lower price and specs.

Upon research of the history of the game business, Sony realized that it wasn’t worth it to create an Xbox Series S like console for the PS5. “We’ve considered that option and seen other executives who have attempted this discover how problematic it is,” Ryan said.

“Clearly, price is a very important factor. We respect other companies’ competitive strategies,” Ryan said. “However, we are fully committed to and believe in our current strategy and the effect it will have.”

The research pointed out that buyers want to use their console for four to seven years, a “future-proofed” console, so it can’t be outdated in just two or three years.

The big difference between Xbox Series X and Series S is the size, memory space, and the resolution rate. This difference appears in the price as well as Xbox Series S is priced at $299, while Series X $499.

PS5, on the other hand, is set at $499 and $399 for the Digital Edition, so not a major difference in price, the choice depends only if the buyer wants to buy a physical copy of a game. The consoles will launch on Nov. 12 in the U.S., and pre-orders have already sold out in retailers like Target, Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy.