Sony apologizes for PS5 pre-order fiasco, says more units will be available in the next few days

PS5 fans might still have hope.

Image via Sony

The PlayStation 5 became available for pre-order earlier this week and almost immediately sold out from every retailer. Thousands of fans fought to secure their order for the new console, and scalpers are already reselling their pre-orders for inflated prices.

Today, Sony recognized the PS5 pre-order experience was rough and announced that it will release more consoles over the next few days. Additionally, the company said more consoles will be available throughout the end of the year. 

Pre-orders for the PS5 became available from certain retailers on Sept. 16 despite Sony telling fans that they would not be available until the following day. Walmart seemed to be the first retailer to stray from the plan, and every other significant retailer followed in its footsteps. This caused a hectic and stressful experience for players trying to get their hands on the new console and left many wondering when they would have another chance. 

Sony confirmed today that the pre-order situation was a mess and that it will try to make it better going forward. More PS5 consoles will be available to pre-order from various retailers throughout the next few days. Consoles will also be available through the end of the year, so players who cannot afford a console now will have more opportunities. 

This fiasco has left players worried about how the Xbox Series S and X pre-orders will go. Microsoft has stated that it will take further precautions, however. Journalist Geoff Keighley stated that Xbox might penalize retailers for breaking embargoes on pre-orders, which will help avoid some of the chaos of the PS5 pre-order experience. 

The PS5 is still one of the most sought-after consoles of the year, so some stress is to be expected if you are still trying to pre-order a unit.