Smurf’s Overwatch streaming setup: Headset, mouse, keyboard, and more

Feeling unstoppable?

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Myeong-Hwan “Smurf” Yoo, also known as Smurf5 on Twitch, is a member of the Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock and streams on Twitch to a total of 32,700 followers. The 21-year old plays in the team’s main tank slot. In 2019, Smurf’s most frequently played heroes included Orisa, Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, and Winston. 

Smurf has updated his setup several times over the last few years. Here is his current gear.


EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600

Image by EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600

This black and red EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 600 is the closed-back cousin of the GSP 500. With passive noise-cancellation, this headset is known for maintaining its attention to detail while blocking out distractions. At 14 ounces, the GSP 600 isn’t the lightest headset, but it mitigates its weight with the adjustable contact pressure headband. Users can also adjust the volume with a wheel on the right ear cup and lift the microphone to mute on the left. Not only does the GSP 600 come with two braided, detachable cables, it also comes with a two-year warranty. 


Logitech G-PRO X Superlight 

Image by Logitech via Amazon

Smurf previously used the Logitech G903 Lightspeed gaming mouse, which shares a few similarities with the newer G Pro X Superlight. Both mice have an optical HERO 25K sensor that reaches up to 25,600 DPI. They’re both sleek and they’re both fast. But it’s easy to understand why Smurf switched to the G Pro X Superlight since it weighs in at less than 63 grams, making it Logitech’s lightest mouse to date. 

Not only is this new mouse much lighter than Smurf’s previous choice, but it comes with a cleaner, minimalist look with five buttons and a smoother hump. This mouse is 4.92 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width, and 1.57 inches in height. The Superlight is built with Powerplay compatibility and onboard memory. With a maximum DPI of 25,600, 40G acceleration, and a tracking speed of 400 IPS, the HERO 25K sensor is as competitive as it gets.

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Kinesis Gaming TKO Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Image via Kinesis

Kinesis Gaming partnered with San Francisco Shock in 2020, meaning Smurf’s newest keyboard is the TKO Compact Mechanical Keyboard. The 60-percent keyboard is fairly customizable since it is hot-swappable, meaning users can change its switches without soldering. Buyers can choose between Kailh Box Browns, Reds, and Whites. The TKO also features a dozen different RGB lighting presets.

Kinesis Gaming’s ergonomic roots and efficient design are also on display. With a zero-degree slope and ergonomic tilting and tenting, this build is meant to reduce pain and strain while playing. As a 60-percent board, additional keys, such as arrow keys, are baked into the Fn layer. 

This keyboard has a modular triple space bar. Users can assign whatever binds they please to the three space keys with the Smartset app. Should users prefer the space bar to be just a traditional space bar, they can use the included single bar. 

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Mouse pad

Logitech G640

Image by Logitech via Amazon

The Logitech G630 mouse pad is designed to be the perfect complement to Logitech mice. At 18.11 inches wide and 15.75 inches in height, this black mousepad takes up an average chunk of desk space. Logitech boasts of its consistent texture, free of seams or patterns that a mouse could catch on during gameplay. On the bottom is a rubber base meant to hold the mat in place. Located in the bottom right corner is Logitech’s iconic G logo. 

It is assumed that Smurf uses the gear that best suits his needs and comfortability. However, each player’s needs are unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all setup. Specific equipment does not equal better gameplay or performance.