ShopTo warns customers of late arrivals for pre-ordered Xbox Series X and S consoles

It be best to look elsewhere.

Image via Microsoft

Its been a tough pre-order season for Xbox and PlayStation fans around the world. The initial round of PS5 pre-orders was a complicated mess, and the Xbox Series X and S also had its fair share of problems.

Fans who pre-ordered through the UK retailer ShopTo might face even more issues. The company warned customers that they might not receive their Xbox consoles on launch day. 

ShopTo confirmed with a VGC staff member that it received allocation details from Microsoft and that it will be unable to fulfill their pre-order on the Xbox release date. ShopTo previously told customers who pre-ordered the PS5 that they could also not complete their pre-order due to Sony’s allocations, but that they might receive extra stock. 

This is tough news for fans who assumed their new console was secured. Fans could still receive a console if ShopTo receives more stock, but it might be best to look elsewhere. Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that more consoles will be available through the end of the year, but it will still be tough to purchase either console. 

Other retailers such as Amazon have also sent out emails stating they cannot fulfill all pre-orders by launch day due to the high demand. 

The Xbox Series X and S launch on Nov. 10, and the PS5 launches on Nov. 12. There is still time to find a console before the release date, but act quickly as they sell out almost instantly.