Secretlab launches limited edition Attack on Titan chairs

You can now celebrate the show's final season by upgrading your setup.

Image via Secretlab

Secretlab is giving Attack on Titan fans a way to celebrate the rumbling in style with a shiny new TITAN Evo 2022 chairs styled after the hit anime series.

Pre-orders are now live on the official Secretlab website for the chair which come in a multicolor variant boasting the Scout Regiment insignia and Secretlab logo.

You can also get your hands on exclusive Attack on Titan leather wipes with the chair. These wipes are useful for making sure that your new chair is in the best shape it can be.

Attack on Titan is currently airing its final season after a four-season run beginning in 2013. Episodes are airing weekly until the series is over. This makes now the best time to check out the series, whether you’re a first-time viewer or a returning fan.

This unique chair will only be available while stock remains. If you plan on jazzing up your setup with an Attack on Titan-themed chair then make sure you register your interest as soon as possible.

Correction Feb. 10, 10:05pm CT: The article originally incorrectly stated there were two chairs for sale. There is only a single chair with different colors on either side.