Secretlab expands product line with MAGNUS desk

"New challenger approaching."

Image via Secretlab

Secretlab is expanding its reach into the gaming desk market with the all-metal MAGNUS desk.

The Singapore-based gaming chair brand is renowned for its high-quality gaming chairs featuring an unparalleled level of adjustability and customization. Secretlab is now looking to bring the same versatility of its chairs to gaming desks with a heavy emphasis on magnetic accessories.

Secretlab’s MAGNUS desk is the company’s first step away from gaming chairs. The MAGNUS measures 59 inches across, but Secretlab will release a 47-inch model down the line. Made entirely from metal, the MAGNUS is designed to be a modular desk that uses magnetic accessories to help players achieve their optimal gaming setup without sacrificing comfort. Like the company’s other products, the MAGNUS includes gamer-friendly features and customization options.

A main draw of the MAGNUS is its hidden cable management compartment. The compartment is hidden by a flip-up panel that runs along the back of the desk. Users can run cabling through the compartment, store a surge protector, or use it to stow other accessories.

Image via Secretlab

One of the more interesting MAGNUS accessories is the full-coverage, magnetically secured leatherette desk mat dubbed the MAGPAD. There are several MAGPAD designs to choose from at launch, with more to follow. Early adopters will get a deal on MAGPADs thanks to a limited launch promotion. After the promotion ends, the MAGPAD will run from $79 to $99, depending on the edition.

Aside from the MAGPAD, Secretlab is launching a line of accessories alongside the MAGNUS. Buyers can add magnetic RGB lighting strips called MAGRGB, magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and cable sheaths that run down the desk’s legs to help with unsightly cables. Secretlab plans to release special edition accessory sets to match the range of MAGPAD options, but there’s no release date yet.

Secretlab’s MAGNUS desk runs $449 before add-ons. Each accessory is sold separately and can easily drive the total cost of the desk upward of $500. The company will roll out more magnetic add-ons like headset hangers and other items post-launch. For now, buyers can purchase the available accessories individually or in a bundle, which presents a better value for consumers.

For more information, fans can visit the company’s official website.