Samsung releases M8 Series monitors

Productivity at a price.

Image via Samsung

Samsung just announced its new M8 Series Smart monitors designed for productivity and connectivity. All the models in the range have wireless connectivity to communicate with modern smart home devices and streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

The new M8 Series monitors have a slim design measuring just 11.4 millimeters and are available in five different options. All the colors were inspired by “shades of nature” to match different people’s lifestyles and include Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Warm White, and Sunset Pink.

M8 monitors are only available with a 32-inch 4K UHD display with a 16.9 aspect ratio. There’s high color accuracy and contrast with 99 percent sRGB coverage and HDR10 compatibility to match modern graphics requirements. Since the monitors are designed for productivity rather than gaming, they all have a 60 Hz refresh rate and a four-second Grey-to-Grey response time. There’s also no adaptive sync technology like FreeSync or G-Sync to reduce screen tearing, so gamers should look elsewhere.

Wired connectivity options are limited with only two USB-C ports and a single micro HDMI port. The wireless options are better, and the M8s can connect to devices like mobile phones, Samsung Dex compatible devices, and the Microsoft 365 service directly through the Smart Hub. They can also connect to smart light switches and other devices through the SmartThings Hub.

A detachable slim-fit camera with face-tracking and auto-zoom is included in the box and is ideal for streaming and video conferencing. The built-in Far-Field Voice microphone compliments the camera, providing crisp audio, and it’s compatible with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and has an always-on voice function. Sound is provided by a pair of five-watt speakers, although most users will probably use a headset.

Samsung M8 monitors are available for pre-order at $699.99 and will be available from May on most online retailers.