Samsung CEO apologizes for issue causing Galaxy S22 to throttle games, apps

Galaxy users discovered the GOS app had been throttling performance.

Image via Moonton

Earlier this month Samsung users shared their concerns over the Game Optimisation Service app, which comes preinstalled on new Galaxy S22 phones, as it had been shown to throttle performance. Following these concerns, the company has since apologized and revealed their response to the claims.

Samsung Device Experience Division CEO JH Han spoke at a recent shareholder meeting on Wednesday deafening the GOS app, but apologizing for the issues it has caused.

On March 2, social media users shared their findings that the GOS app had been optimizing not only games, but other apps also leading to performance caps on things like the Microsoft suite of apps, YouTube, and even the camera.

Han said during the recent meeting that the app designed to optimize the performance of Samsung smartphones only limits the performance of CPU and GPU during gameplay to a point where it shouldn’t interfere with overall performance.

The CEO also assured shareholders that allegations of the issues being caused by cost cuts were not true. He assured that the company would never cut quality to reduce their costs.

A recent update rolled out remedied many of the issues that users had with this app by allowing them to disable GOS, however, it didn’t meet one of their demands which was to give them the ability to remove the app from their phones entirely.

Perhaps this option will be introduced in the future, but for now, Samsung Galaxy users will have to settle for the ability to disable its effects on their devices.