Retron Jr will let you play Game Boy and GBA games on HD TVs

Nintendo's classic mobile console is returning to modern high definition hardware.

Screengrab via Nintendolife

Have you ever wanted to mirror your old Game Boy games onto your big screen? Soon you’ll have the chance to do just that with the upcoming Retron Jr.

Privately owned video game hardware manufacturer Hyperkin develops consoles that allow users to play classic games on modern monitors with higher resolutions. One of their major products is the line of consoles called the Retron, which have previously allowed customers to play NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis on HD televisions. The Retron Jr. will be the latest entry into this retro console series and will support Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

The Retron Jr. includes a controller that can be used either wired or wirelessly. The console will use an HDMI port connection and supports up to 720p HD resolution. Additionally, the Retron Jr. will include a connection port that will allow for link play for multiplayer games.

Hyperkin isn’t the only company that’s developing hardware to allow gamers to return to Nintendo’s vintage mobile games, though. Video game hardware developer Analogue is creating the Analogue Pocket, a mobile console that will support the entire GB and GBA library with 1600x1440p HD resolution priced at $200. This console will additionally allow users to output their gameplay to HD TVs.

There’s no set release date or selling price for the Retron Jr. at this time.