Report: Sony’s estimated PS5 production down 4 million following hardware hardship

It might be a rocky year for Sony.

Image via Sony

Sony is set to cut PS5 production by four million to 11 million units due to low production yields of the console’s unique system-on-chip, according to Bloomberg’s report.

The company initially boosted production numbers in July to cope with increased demand for the holiday season. Unexpected difficulty in manufacturing the chip and low production yields, however, have reportedly forced Sony to cut down on initial estimates.

The next-generation console’s production is still “expected to be higher than PS4,” according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, but the real issue will most likely manifest in 2021.

“There will still be more supply than PS4 launch, but the real question is how high is demand?” Ahmad said.

Ahmad said that Sony will be using the more expensive and faster air freight, compared to sea freight, to ensure the PS5 “can meet demand” and “supply enough units.”

The pressure continues to mount on Sony as console rivals Microsoft recently made an aggressive pricing push for its Xbox line.

The Xbox Series X is reportedly set to launch on Nov. 10 for $499, the same price point as the original Xbox One in 2013. The smaller, entry-level Series S will retail for $299, with hardware subscription service All Access available for both consoles.

Sony has been quiet through the furor over Microsoft’s new generation but is set to hold a PS5 showcase livestream on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The 40-minute stream will feature game titles from the in-house Worldwide Studios, while more details on the console’s pricing and release date are likely forthcoming.