Red and black PlayStation 5 spotted in official promo material

This looks amazing.

Image via Sony

Sony seems to be going all-in with the white and black aesthetic for the upcoming PlayStation 5. But an official promotional poster teases what the upcoming console could look like in black and red.

The image, posted to message board ResetEra, is of a promotional poster from someone who works at a store where Sony Xperia phones are being sold.

Screengrab via ResetEra user BarrBarr

The person who posted the image said they received it at their store “to try and incentivize us to sell more Sony Xperia’s.”

“The more Sony phones we sell the more likely we are to win prizes,” the user said. “I’m not trolling, but I bet that they just edited the color so it matches with the other products in the shot.”

The image is likely just for promotion like the poster said. With the PS5 due to come out this holiday season, we probably won’t see any limited-edition consoles with special color schemes for a while.

Don’t get too excited about this color scheme on a PS5 coming any time soon. But it does give fans a sneak peek of what a special edition PS5 might look like—and it looks pretty sweet.